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Mulberry School -- Clay County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Jolynne Bockman (josfamilytree@charter.net) for contributing this information.

Here is a list of names of students from the 1908 Mulberry School (Clay County, Kansas) for your site.   This list is taken from the Souvenir book.  This book does not contain student photos, but the front cover has one photo that I believe is of the teacher.
Jolynne Bockman

Mulberry School

District No. 34

Bloom Township,

Clay County, Kansas

Anna G. Halverson, Teacher


Edmund Belisle

Ethel Belisle

Josie Belisle

Edna Gaston

Elmer Gaston

John Gaston

Maggie Gaston

Clara Hughes

Ella Hughes

Harry Hughes

Mary Hughes

Dennis Rock

Ora Rock

Eva Sauvain

Johnnie Sauvain

Melena Sauvain

Lyla Stoneback

Bertha Yost

Erma Yost

Lydia Yost


School Board

G. W. Stoneback

R. Gaston

E. A. German

I have a souvenir book from my grandmother's class of 1911, if you are interested in it for your website.  I am attaching a transcription of the pupils list.  If you are interested in this, I could scan it as well.
Jolynne Bockman
Mulberry School
District No. 34
Bloom Township, Clay County, Kans.
Elsie Siemers, Teacher
Lilly Affolter
Lester Affolter
John Gaston
Edna Gaston
Margaret Gaston
Harry Hughes
Clara Hughes
Katherine Hughes
Roy Huth
Elmer Huth
Mable Germann
Howard Germann
Eva Sanvain
Johnnnie Sanvain
Lyla Stoneback
Bernice Stoneback
Eva Otott
Leo Otott
Lucy Otott
Lawrence Otott
Roman Otott
Mae Surprenant
Alda Dandurand
Malina Sanvain
Josephine Dandurand
R. J. Gaston, Clerk
F. H. Schuler, Director
Edw. A. Germann, Treasurer

This photo is of students at the Mulberry school, Clay County, Kansas.  I believe the photo is around 1909-1911.  I am not positive of the dates, however.
This belonged to my grandmother, Lyla Stoneback.  She is in the second row, third from the right with the checkmark.  Bernice Stoneback, her sister, is in the front row, second from the left.  These are the only people I am able to identify.
On the back of the photo in Grandmother's handwriting is: "Lyla and Bernice, Mulberry school picture."
Jolynne Bockman

This photo is from Mulberry School, Clay County, Kansas.  I believe it was taken around 1909-1911.
The photo belonged to my grandmother, Lyla Stoneback.  On the back, in her handwriting, it says, "Lyla & Bernice, Mulberry school picture."
Lyla Stoneback is on her knees with the checkmark, Bernice Stoneback is standing with the checkmark.  I am unable to identify other students.
Jolynne Bockman

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