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History of Ottawa County, Kansas (1864-1984)

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page 21
...Our first school was located in the southwest part of the present city of Minneapolis. Our benches were made of cottonwood slabs with pegs driven in the underside for legs. We had another slab fastened to the wall beside us which we turned to when we wanted a desk. There were twelve pupils in this school. Since each pupil was supposed to contribute a certain amount for the teacher's salary, I was unable to attend very long. By I. L. Stull

Pages 29-30
We children began school in Kansas in a little one room log cabin, built on the Levi Yockey farm near Delphos. This building was likewise used for all community gatherings and for church services. It was a very hard matter to obtain an education in those days in the valley. Besides our school which was established in the winter of 1871 and 1872, there was a school in Minneapolis. These two schools were the only schools then in existence at that time in the valley. School books were expensive and very scarce. Father did not have the means to properly educate his family and after the drought, Indian troubles and the grasshopper invasion, he was nearly destitute. I attended school until I had successfully passed the third grade, and then following the example of my older sisters, began working for various families in the neighborhood in order to help father support the family at home. Our first teacher in Kansas was Libby Needham, who taught all the children in the vicinity of Yockey Fort. By Mrs. Olive A. Clark

Pages 115-118
These pages contain some terrific material on County Grade Schools (most of these were one-room school houses). The two women who wrote this article describe the school year (Christmas, Valentines, picnic time), the school day (exercises, flag salute, singing, ciphering, spelling bees), how children got to and from school, how boys were kept separated from girls, as there was no running water how it was pumped and heated, games the kids played, how permission was given to use the outhouse (or for anything else).

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