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Pleasant Ridge School--Kirksville, Missouri

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According to the "Kirksville Democrat" of Kirksville MO, in June 1884 Pleasant Ridge School had a new building, 26' x 32', built at a cost of $510. D. A. Ely, Jr. (my great-grandfather) was one of three directors. In September 1889 the "Kirksville Graphic" reported 51 pupils in the Pleasant Hill School. Mary (my grandmother), age 8, and her sister Dixie, age 6, were two of ten with perfect attendance. In December the school commissioner visited and reported that Pleasant Hill or Ely School district included nine square miles. It was located on a ridge sloping north, west, and east. The grounds were substantially fenced. It was a new house, well painted, with new and improved seats and a good blackboard. The school was neat and clean. The enrollment was 53; average attendance was 37 which was the best percentage of attendance the school commissioner had witnessed. The teacher that year was Mrs. Helen Adams; she received $30 per month and taught a six-month term.

Assuming the school was built near the center of the district, the furthest any student could have walked to school was a couple miles (uphill both ways). :)

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