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Red Star -- Cherokee County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Marie Bryant (galks39@yahoo.com) for contributing this information about Cherokee County schools.

East of Baxter Springs, Kansas on highway 26.

Red Star District 52 pictures, 1940.
Back row left 3) James L. Bash; 4) Leroy Albert "Roy" Bash younger brother Leslie Lee Bash, I don't see.
Front row left 5) Clayton Eugene Bash, I think.

Red Star District 52 pictures, 1941.
2nd row left 4) Clayton Eugene Bash; 8) Leslie Lee Bash, I think.
Front row left 4) Betty Wyatt, their niece; 7) Jackie Wyatt, their nephew.

Red Star District 52 pictures, 1942.
3rd row left 7) Leslie Lee Bash is at right end of the flag, on his left is black boy.
front row 5) Jackie Wyatt; 6) his older sister Betty Wyatt is next to him.

Leslie's younger brother, Clayton Eugene Bash, should be in the picture. If he is, I'm not recognizing him. The Wyatt's are their niece and nephew.

Red Star District 52 pictures, 1944.
Back row left: 7) Teacher Miss Nadine Gandy, according to my cousin, Nora, Miss Gandy was not there the entire year. On the teacher's right is 6) Clayton Eugene Bash, next to him is older brother 5) Leslie Lee Bash.
2nd row left 1) Nora Mae Wyatt 1st grade; 3) Betty Wyatt, oldest daughter.
1st row left 3) Jackie Wyatt, middle child.

The Wyatt children are children of the Bash boy's oldest sister. Since it was a country school Nora was allowed to start to school earlier than if it had been a town school. She was 4 months older than me but a grade ahead.

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