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Roosevelt School -- Cherokee County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Marie Bryant (galks39@yahoo.com) for contributing this information about Cherokee County schools.

Here's the back side from northwest corner of Roosevelt School and close ups of the name and the WPA plaque. We use a free download of irfanview 380 since these are all jpg's if your program is compatible and there is something like a i inside a red Circle, you can click on it then click on comment and see what if anything I have said about the pictures.

Such as:
Name on former Roosevelt School, former Empire Community Center, now owned by the city of Galena, Kansas Sunday, 8 June 2003.

Needs to be taken when sun is on it. The shadows really wiped it out.

The Chico School people are living in and they have added an enclosed porch to it. We were there but Peg, my sister, was unable to spot it. Since I had never even been on that road, I had absolutely no idea. We also went by where we had been told the Badger School had been and were unable to spot it's exact location also. There is a house now located at Black Jack School site and also Red Star School site.

If you can get a chance, I suggest you contact the Galena Mining Museum and visit if possible to see if they have any country school pictures. I have a few of classes at Red Star but not of the school.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003 1:29 PM

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