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Springfield School -- Anderson County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Shirley Roeckers (shirley@ECKSOR.net) for contributing this information.

The other school is Springfield School, 7 miles south of Garnett, Kansas. This is the school that my father, his brother & sisters, my 2 brothers & I attended. I have a picture of my father's, his brother & sisters group & another of myself & my brothers group.

Here is another picture & school info from Anderson County. The names are written on the bottom of the picture, but if you have trouble reading them, please let me know & I will send them to you. Raymond Gwin was my father, Marian & Hazel Gwin were my aunts & Arthur Gwin was my uncle. My two brothers, Charles & Floyd Gwin, & I (Shirley Gwin Roeckers) attended the same school, in the same building. When my classmate, Sharon Anderegg, & I graduated in 1954, there were 7 pupils attending.

I believe that the picture attached to this message was taken 10/13/1915 (as written on the side of the picture). The school was closed in the 1960's. The building has been remodeled, with additions, & has been a home for several years (with an original sign above the front door, showing "Springfield School, Dist. No. 7, 1902".

SPRINGFIELD SCHOOL, ANDERSON COUNTY, KS. , DISTRICT # 7 The first frame school house was erected in 1866, the second being built later & the present building was built in 1902. The schoolhouse and the district were named after a big spring about 150 yards East of the Schoolhouse. It had never gone dry.

A 1925 graduate was Westley Roberts & 1930 graduates were Lucille, Lorene & LaVerne Collins & Margaret Sobba.

On 8/08/1902 the school held an ice cream social to raise money for a bell for the new schoolhouse. $12 was raised. On 8/23/1928 the school drilled a good well & struck water. They have put up a new metal ceiling, painting the outside & doing needed repair work.

Here is the picture of Springfield School, Dist.# 7, Anderson County, Kansas, which included my Dad, Raymond Gwin, & his sisters & brother.

Here are the pictures that include myself and my brothers, at the same school our father attended, Springfield, Dist.#7, Anderson County, Kansas.

Attached please find 3 more pictures regarding Anderson County's Springfield School, Dist. #7, which is my Alma Mater. The pictures were taken in the 1948-1949 school year.

The students in the first picture are:
Front Row (L to R): Charles Gwin, Shirley Gwin, Sharon Anderegg, (non-students: Ronald Anderegg, Sandra Starit, Marvin Anderegg, Leslie Boyles & Mary Brown)
Back Row (L to R): Paul Collins, Bob Messenger, Jim Bennett, Jack Messenger, Fred Boyles, Jr., George Bennett, Dale Holt, Floyd Gwin, June Holt & Beverly Boyles.

The teacher in the second picture is Ruth Carr. She complied and gave all of her students a yearbook, which included all of these pictures and more.

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