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Union School -- Linn County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Larry Gillum (LDGillum@aol.com) for contributing this information.

I just found your website by accident and think it is very interesting. My memories of a Kansas one-room country schoolhouse are wonderful, warm, and friendly after all these years. I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything!

I have lived in Colorado many years and was a school teacher myself for 37 years. I was born in Linn County, Kansas, north of Pleasanton, and graduated from Mound City High School in 1956.

Between the years 1946 and 1952 (grades 3 through 8) I attended a one-room country school in Linn County between Mound City and Pleasanton. We knew it as Union School, District 72. I don't find it listed in your catalog of Kansas one-room schools, and would love to see it recognized. My Union School closed quite a few years ago, and there are no physical remains today. The gentleman who farms the land on which the school stood was a classmate of mine. He tells me that the old well is still there, but I was unable to find it. My sons and I searched the property a few years ago and found only a black spot of coal in the grass, marking the location of the old coal house. From that mark I could ascertain the location of the school house. Recently I have been in touch with the dear lady who was my teacher at Union in grades 7 and 8. Her name was Margaret Lamb when she was my teacher. Today she is Margaret Shaw, and she and her husband live on a farm a short distance east of Pleasanton.

Thank you for allowing me to share a few memories. I appreciate your work.

Saturday, April 5, 2003 7:52 PM

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