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Cherokee County has 120 public schools, outside of the cities. There are
14 schools in the cities of the county, besides the County High School
at Columbus. All told, there are 135 schools in the county, as shown by
the county superintendent's report, for the school year 1903-04. These
are distributed uniformly over the county, so that not a community
within its borders can be found without a school house, well furnished
and under the charge of an industrious, well qualified teacher.

It is probable that no other county in the State of Kansas shows more
enthusiasm in the support and maintenance of its high schools than in
Cherokee County; and, indeed, this may be said of the schools of the
country districts, as is shown in the fact that for the school year
1903-04 the country schools had 6,062 pupils, an average of more than 53
pupils to the school. Some of the country schools have more than one
teacher in each of them. Union District, No. 18, has two; Sherman
District. No. 21, has two; Coal Valley District, No. 59, has three;
Roseland District, No. 70, has two; Hallowell District, No. 76, has two;
Crestline District, No. 78, has two: Union District No. 91, has two;
Melrose District, No. 96, has two; Stipville District, No. 102, has two:
Stone City District, No. 105, has two.
Hickory Grove school
Red Star School Dist. 52
East Side school
West Side School
Chico School
Union Chapel school
Black Jack
Charter Oak
Messer District No. 14,
Neutral District No. 26,
Stone District No. 31,
Wirtonia District No 32,
Owsley District No. 45,
Bird District No. 47,
Lawton District No. 49
Wyandotte District No. 71.
??? Dist. No. 88

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One-, two-room schoolhouses dot Cherokee County landscape
By Roger McKinney
Globe Staff Writer
The Union Chapel School sits on a lonely lot north of Galena, Kan., the
white paint that once covered it nearly stripped away by the years.

On one side of the building is the rusting frame of a swing set and a
slide on which generations of children have played.

At the back of the lot are the two outhouses, one for girls and one for

Clione Bieber, with the Cherokee County Kansas Genealogical-Historical
Society, said there once were 109 school districts in Cherokee County,
many of them with one- and two-room schoolhouses.

When the Messer School burned Jan. 15, [2002] a sheriff’s deputy
mistakenly said it was the last one-room school in the county. A few of
these schools from the first part of the 20th century remain, some of
them converted into homes.....



Spencer Elementary School is hosting a special open house celebrating 40 years of educating the youth of Cherokee County. The event will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Monday in the school gymnasium.

All friends, former classmates and staff members are invited to attend. Guests are asked to bring any pictures and memorabilia they would like to share.

In 1955, the State of Kansas required the consolidation of the one-room school houses across the state. Cherokee County at that time had 108 individual school districts. During the allotted time, the people of the districts had to decide where they were going to send their children to school.

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RURAL CRESTLINE -- From the children pulling parents eagerly to see their art work, to fathers showing sons old school photos from the 70s, to the excited hugs, greetings and exclamations of excitement, the atmosphere at Spencer School did seem like a family reunion Monday night, as generations of former students, teachers and staff gathered to celebrate 40 years of educating Cherokee County.

"It's like a family here, it really is," explained Melissa York, one of the organizers of the reunion, which was combined with the annual open house. York grew up in Pittsburg, but her husband, Jeff, comes from generations of Spencer School alumni, and her children have attended the school as well.

York and members of the school staff and PTO spent Monday afternoon decorating the gym with blue and white balloons and lace tablecloths, setting up the celebration. Consolidated Forms of Columbus, the school's Partner in Education, also helped sponsor the event. "We've been telling everybody we're going to be doing this," explained Shirley Lovell, helping with the decorations. "Now all at once we're doing it! I really hope a lot of people come!"

This story is continued on MorningSun.net:


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