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Wright -- Sedgwick County

The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Leon Paul Mittman (LMitt14192@aol.com) for contributing this material.

I attended Wright school from 1936 to 1940. It was located one mile west of highway 81 and one mile south of sedgwick county line road. There were about 8 to 10 students at the peak of it. The school closed in 1940. I used the Bobbs Merrill Reader. My teacher in 1936 was Eithel Marsh, I was in the first grade. She retired and since I would have been the only student at Wright that year, I attended another school approximately 4 miles east for one year. I do not remember the name of that school. My teacher there was Pearl Eilert. I then returned to Wright School for another year (6 grade). My teacher then was Miss Weissendorf. We called her "Weissy". She was straight out of school. She was about as young as we were. We had a great time playing pranks on her, but she went along with them well. This was 1939.

The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Ben Daniel Mittman (DWPB65A@prodigy.com) for contributing this material.

My brother Leon attended White [Wright] School, one mile south Sedgwick Co Road, 1 mile west Highway 81, until it closed about 1942. His wife, Beverly Johnson, attended Prarie Queen, located 3 miles west of Valley Center, until 1940, when it closed.

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