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Beginning Genealogy Lessons
by Don B. Dale

Lessons To Help You Get Started & Sometimes To Keep Going

Lesson 2: Using the Library of Congress

GO TO Library of Congress,

Then use the search mode, limit the search  to documents. Enter your
surname, if you used O"NEAL, and clicked the button. You'll get a screen
4 items containing the exact words O'NEAL
1 items containing the words O"NEAL near each other
0 items containing all of the words O"NEAL
490 items containing one or more words O"NEAL

It will show 20 items at a time,just scroll thru and click on the highlited 
phrases, this takes a while.

If you do not have internet, go to your public library -- most of the larger ones and many 
of the smaller ones have free web networks in place.

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Originally posted: 08-May-97. Update: 10 June 2005.