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Family History of Marcus BURGESS

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Marcus BURGESS, son of Norman and Ursula (Ewer) Burgess, was born 18 July 1848 near Hustisford, Wisconsin. He married Emiline Almira Lind Sanborn, daughter of Josiah and Adelaide (Eaton) Sanborn on 30 April 1875 at Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

In 1879, Marcus and Emeline Burgess migrated to Palco, Kansas, settling on a homestead (picture available). A few buffalo could still be seen, roaming the prairie. That area of Kansas between the South Fork Solomon River and Saline River, about 45 miles northwest of Fort Hayes, was settled by many Civil War veterans. According to one source, Marcus would travel to Fort Hayes, picking up buffalo bones along the way which would buy a sack of flour.

Emeline Burgess taught school in Palco. Being a newly developed area with several children of school age, but no one having advanced education, there was a need for someone to teach the children some of the three R*s. Emeline was chosen at the salary of $12.00 a month.

Marcus died near Palco on 21 April 1911 and was buried at Palco. Emeline remained in Palco until 1915 when she moved westward with a son, establishing a homestead 35 miles northeast of Arriba, Colorado. She died at Arriba in 1933.

Elmer Allen Burgess, eldest son of Marcus and Emeline, was born 13 April 1878 near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He married Elsie Ann Spealman, 9 Nov 1902 at the home of her paraents near Palco, Kansas. Elmer was less than 2 years old when he accompanied his parents to Palco, Kansas, located in Walton township. This is where he grew to manhood, married, and started his family. In the newspaper announcement of his marriage, the following was said:

*The groom has grown up in West Walton Tsp., and in those years has developed a sterling manhood and honorable and upright character that has won him the heartfelt esteem of all who know him. He is one of the best young men in the county, a good farmer, and entirely worthy of the prize he has won in a wife*.

As for his wife, Elcy grew, *. . . to charming young womanhood in West Walton Twp where her many friends esteem her very highly for her excellant qualities of heart and mind.* She born and christened Elcy, but in later years changed it to Elsie.

They continued to live on his farm in Walton Twp until 1912 when they moved to Bovina, Colorado.

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