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     A short biographical sketch on Lewis Clogston appears on p. 
1206 in a chapter on Greenwood County, town of Fall River, in the
book, HISTORY OF THE STATE OF KANSAS by William G. Cutler, 
published in 1883 by A.T. Andreas of Chicago:

       LEWIS CLOGSTON, farmer, Sections 17 and 18, P. O. Fall River, 
  is one of the leading farmers of this portion of the State, and one 
  of the first settlers of Elk County. He is a native of West Virginia,
  but was raised in Washington County, Ohio, where in 1839, he married
  Miss Frances Kepple.  His three children are J. B. Clogston, of
  Eureka (mentioned elsewhere in these pages), Mary E., now Mrs. J. D.
  Allen, born March 8, 1844, and Kitty J., now Mrs. E. Brockenshaw of
  this township, born December 9, 1859.  Mr. Clogston was a brick-
  maker in his youth, and worked at it many years.  He came to
  Kansas May 1, 1861, and located in Tescumseh, Shawnee County, until
  1866, when he removed to Elk County, and was the first County
  Commissioner elected there, and the first settler of Longton
  Township.  He has always been a strong Republican, and in fact was
  one of the refugees from Missouri.  He having first intended
  settling in that State, but his voting for Lincoln as President
  made him a marked man in that community.  He sold his farm in
  Elk County and purchased his present one of 208 acres in this
  county in 1881.  He has 100 acres under cultivation, and being of
  opinion that to insure success, the farmer should first cultivate
  his land before his crops, he has been always very successful.  His
  wheat yield has been twenty-five, and corn fifty bushels per acre,
  on an average for the past twelve years.  He has a fine residence
  and orchard, and is one of the very few who have found it pay to
  raise clover, and believes that almost any grain or seed can be
  raised in Kansas if the land is first well tilled.
     A short biographical sketch on and photo of J. B. Clogston 
appears on p. 1201 in the chapter on Greenwood County, Kansas, town 
of Eureka, in the book, HISTORY OF THE STATE OF KANSAS by William G. 
Cutler, published in 1883 by A. T. Andreas in Chicago.

       HON. J. B. CLOGSTON, lawyer, was born August 19, 1840, in
  Washington County, Ohio, and educated in Winnebago County, Ill.
  He subsequently became a teacher of youth, meantime reading law
  and medicine, and afterward came to Kansas in 1861, and in the
  summer of that year enlisted at Tescumseh, in Company H,
  Eleventh Kansas Cavalry, and participated in the active duty of
  that regiment, until the spring of 1863, when he was detailed to
  scouting duty under Gen. Ewing, and remained on such duty until
  the spring of 1864, when he rejoined his regiment at Fort
  Leavenworth, in September, 1865.  Upon leaving the army, Mr.
  Clogston returned to Kansas, locating at Tescumseh, Shawnee
  County, and resumed the study of medicine with Dr. Huson.  In
  1866, he removed to Salt Springs, where he practiced medicine
  until 1875.  In November, 1863, while on a leave of absence
  from the regiment, he was married at Tescumseh to Miss Mary R.
  Hoggland [actually Mary J. Hoagland b. 1847 Yates Co., NY), 
  granddaughter of Dr. Richard and Mrs. Rebecca (Kress) Huson].  
  They have had three children--Louis E., born March, 1870; 
  Robert H., born April, 1876, and Fred, born in September, 1878.  
  Mr. Clogston was admitted to the bar of the State in June, 1873, 
  and represented Greenwood County in the Legislature 1879-80-81, 
  and has again been re-elected to the same honorable position.  
  Besides his town property and residence, he owns upwards of 320 
  acres on Section 27, and in this county, of which 120 acres are 
  under cultivation, with an average corn yield of fifty bushels 
  to the acre.  At present his farm is rented.  Mr. Clogston is a 
  member of the R. A. Chapter, of Dick Yates Post, No. 50, Grand 
  Army of the Republic, and is a large shareholder in the new hotel 
  company.  He has a very large law practice, in which he is ably 
  assisted by his associate, Mr. Fuller, and ranks as one of the 
  most prominent men of Eureka.

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