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CORBIN Family of Kansas

This page is by Karen McClellan, karen.mcclellan@amd.com, who is researching: LAWRENZ, MOOMAU, CORBIN, GUSTKE, HEUBLEIN, GRUBER.


Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 
From: Karen.McClellan@amd.com (Karen McClellan)
Subject: Corbin - update

     After a trip to Kansas over the 4th of July holidays I was able to get
the following about the Corbin family. Most of the Corbins I am researching
are from the Winfield, Cowley County, Kansas area. The Kansas Corbins are 
still a bit of a mystery but their history isn't. As before any help in filling
in current history blanks is greatfully appreciated.

1 Nicolas Corbin b: 1650 d: May 11, 1697 in Baltimore, Maryland
  +Alice Bryan
   2 Edward Corbin b:1676 in Baltimore, Maryland d:November 30, 1770
     + Jane Wilkinson m:1710 in Baltimore, Maryland
       3 Nicholas Corbin b: 1710
         +Eleanor m: Sept. 3, 1733 d: 1752
         4 Abraham Corbin b:Baltimore, Maryland d:1793
         4 Sophia Corbin b:1720 Baltimore Maryland d:Aug. 7, 1801
           +Thomas Marsh m:Feb. 10, 1744/45 in Baltimore, Maryland - St. John's
            and St. George Parish
         4 Benjamin Corbin b:1730 in Baltimore, Maryland d:June 16, 1813
           +Sarah Sias m: Dec. 9, 1755 in Baltimore Maryland - St. John's and
           St. George Parish
           5 Elijah Corbin b:1764 in Baltimore, Maryland d: Aug 22, 1837 in 
             Cassville, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
             +Sarah Kelley b:March 31, 1763 d:December 14, 1828 in Union
              Township, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
              6 Elijah Corbin
              6 Edith Corbin b:1785
                +Emanuel Peightal
              6 Caleb Corbin b:1786 d:1850
                +Sarah Dean
              6 Joshua Corbin b:1790 in Pennsylvania d:1844
                +Margaret Kelley b:1797 in Pennsylvania
                7 Esther Corbin b:1816
                  +Samuel Ha;; m:Jan 1, 1833 in Hancock Co., Ohio
                7 Charlotte Corbin b:1818
                  +Andrew Wolford m:July 4, 1833 in Hancock Co., Ohio
                7 William Corbin b:1820
                  +Amanda Sallee m:Oct. 30, 1836 in Hancock Co., Ohio
                7 Elijah K. Corbin b:1810
                7 James Corbin b:1819 in Huntingdon Co., Penn. d:Aug 12, 1870
                  +Lucinda McWhorter
                7 Martha Ann Corbin b:1822
                7 Sarah Ruth Corbin b:1824 in Ohio
                  +Thomas Barton m:June 18, 1845 in Hancock Co., Ohio
                7 Hampson Corbin b:Aug 9, 1829 in Huntingdon Co., Penn
                  d:Oct 6, 1883 in Homer, Hamilton, Iowa
                  +Maria Dalley m:Dec 24, 1844 in Hancock Co., Ohio
                7 Mary Ann Corbin b:1830 in Ohio
                  +William Showers
                7 Joshua C. Corbin b:July 30, 1838 in Hancock Co., Ohio
                  d:January 11, 1888 in Winfield, Cowley, Kansas
                  +Sarah Ann Carrol
                7 Americus V. Corbin b:March 24, 1840 in Hancock, Co., Ohio
                  d: May 3, 1907 in Winfield, Cowley County, Kansas
                  +Arianna b: March 31, 1849 d: April 22, 1899 in Winfield,
                  Cowley County, Kansas
                  2nd wife of Americus V. Corbin
                  + Mary Thirsk
                  8 Hampson Corbin b: 1866 in Hamilton Co., Iowa
                  8 Hattie Corbin b:1869 in Hamilton Co., Iowa
                  8 John Wesley Corbin b:1871 Hamilton Co., Iowa d: March 21
                    1926 in Augusta, Kansas
                    +Ida M. Askins b:Aug 11, 1879 Dexter, Kansas m:March 1, 1896                    in New Kirk, Oklahoma d:June 9, 1913 Isabel, Barber, Kansas
                    9 Mary Ellen Corbin b:June 23, 1897 Winfield, Cowley, Kansas
                      d:May 27, 1958 Rogers, Arkansas
                      +Frederick Ferdinand Lawrenz b:Feb. 1, 1891 Hope, 
                       Dickinson Co., Kansas m:Dec 24, 1913 Isabel, Barber Co.,
                       Kansas d: April 29, 1929 Isabel, Barber Co., Kansas
                       Father:Julius James Lawrenz, Mother:Eva Margaret Heublein
                       10 Wilburt Wesley Lawrence b:Nov. 7, 1914 Isabel, Barber
                          Co., Kansas d:May 1, 1986 Gilroy, Santa Clara Co., CA.
                       +Viola Elizabeth Moomau b:April 5, 1915 Medicine Lodge
                        Barber Co., Kansas m:Feb 4, 1937 San Jose, Santa Clara
                        Co., Calif. Father Fred Victor Moomau Mother:Susan
                        Elizabeth Heacock
                        11 Willa Jean Lawrence b:May 17, 1936 Medicine Lodge,
                           Barber Co., Kansas
                           +Clarence Edward Hodges
                        11 Janice Ilene Lawrence b:Nov 3, 1937 Gilroy, Santa 
                           Clara Co., California
                           +Nolan Edward Cooper
                           2nd Husband of Janice Ilene Lawrence
                           +Omero Alfred Tognetti
                        11 Karen Lee Lawrence b:Sept 9, 1944 Gilroy, Santa Clara
                           +Jack Charles McClellan
                    9 Eunice Augusta Corbin b:Sept 8, 1898 Winfield, Cowley Co.,
                      Kansas d:June 23, 1977
                      +Clifford Coss b:Dec 12, 1898 d:July 16, 1981
                    9 Levi Chester Corbin b:Feb 28, 1900 Winfield Cowley Co.,
                      Kansas d:Dec 5, 1967
                      +Myrtle Moore m:May 25 1918
                    9 Lena Elna Corbin b:March 7, 1902 Winfield, Cowley Co.,
                      Kansas d: September 5, 1963
                      + Johann Adolph Heublein (aka-John Albert Heublein)
                        b:Feb 21, 1894 d:January 31,1924 Father:Michael Heublein
                        Mother:Bertha Muller
                        10 Albert Michael Heublein b:July 3, 1918 Isabel, Barber
                           Co., Kansas
                           +Fern Geraldine Phillips b:Sept 17, 1918 Elm Mills 
                            Township, Kansas m:Oct 20, 1940 Wichita, Sedgwick,
                            Kansas Father:Ralph Phillips Mother:Edna Rogers
                            11 John Heublein
                               +Lynn Schmettermann
                                12 David Duane Heublein
                                12 Dawn Heublein
                            11 Kathy Heublein
                            11 Carol Jean Heublein
                               Steve Oller

                    9 John Wesley Corbin b:Dec 7, 1905 Winfield, Cowley Co., KS
                      d:April 11, 1979
                      +B.Marie b:Nov 11, 1908 d:June 17, 1962
                    9 Maudie Mildred Corbin b:Aug 27, 1908 Winfield, Cowley Co.,
                      Kansas d:1945
                      +John Hart
                  8 Edith Corbin b:1876 Cowley Co., Kansas
                  8 Harry Corbin b:Feb 1889 Cowley Co., Kansas
             6 Iantha Corbin b:1794
               +John G.
             6 Delia Corbin b:May 8, 1795 Huntingdon Co., Penn d:Jan 27, 1871
               Shirleysburg, Penn.
               +Elijah Houck m:1815 Shirleysburg, Penn.
             6 Eleanor Corbin b:1798
               +Elion Smith
             6 William Kelly Corbin b:Feb 20, 1799 d:March 4, 1883 Bladensburg,
               Knox, Ohio
               +Wealthy Houck m:April 1817
             6 Benjamin Corbin b:Feb 19,1807 Huntingdon Co.,Penn. d:Jan 27, 1900
               Richland Township,, Story, Iowa
               +Margaret Parks m:Feb 21, 1830 Huntingdon Co., Penn.
       *2nd wife of Elijah Corbin:
          +Elizabeth b:1790 m:Feb 16, 1785 Baltimore, Maryland
       5 Asahel Corbin b:1774
       5 Ezekiel Corbin b:1757 Baltimore, Maryland d:1830 Huntingdon Co., Penn
         Lydia m:1800
       5 Nichodemus Corbin b:1778 Baltimore, Maryland
         +Mary Brown m:1810
       5 Joseph Corbin b:1770 Balrimore, Maryland d:Oct 22, 1841 Huntingdon Co.,
         +Eleanor Grover m:June 17, 1790 Baltimore, Maryland
       5 Sarah Ruth Corbin b:April 30, 1774 Baltimore Maryland d:Aug 25, 1851
         Huntingdon Co., Penn
         +Nathan Greenland m:Feb 9, 1797 Baltimore, Maryland
       5 Benjamin Corbin
         +Eleanor Givins
       5 Keziah Corbin b:1785 Baltimore, Maryland
       5 Micajah Corbin b:1770 Westminister, Carrol, Maryland d:Jan 29, 1847
         Through Creek, Huntingdon, Penn.
         +Mary Kelley
     4 Elizabeth Corbin b:Nov 27, 1724
       +Edward Deadman m:Jan 29, 1753 Baltimore, Maryland - St. Johns and St.
        George Parrish
     4 Nathan Corbin b:1738
     4 William Corbin b:1744
2nd wife of Nicholas Corbin:
 +Elizabeth Kemp d:1770
  2 Elizabeth Corbin b:England
  2 Mary Corbin b:England
    +Joseph Gostwick
  2 Nicholas Corbin b:1680
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Among some of the papers given to me by my paternal grandmother were the Civil War discharge papers of Americus V. Corbin. I have yet to figure out just how he fits into the family picture. Hopefully someone out there could possibly be of help. This is the information that I have received from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

   Americus V. Corbin
   born: March 24, 1840
   location of birth: Hancock Co., Ohio
   death: May 3, 1907
   location of death: Winfield, Cowley Co., Kansas

   Company K, 16th Regiment of the Iowa Volunteers.
   Enlisted November 30, 1861
   Re-enlisted same company January 5, 1864
   Taken Prisoner and held at Andersonville Prison - July 22, 1864 to September 19, 1864
   Discharged July 26, 1865

   Wife. 1 ??
   Sodemia Corbin - the first name is very hard to read on the paper work that I 
                    have from the National Archives.
   born: ?
   location of birth: ?
   date of marriage: ?
   location of marriage:?
   date of death: ?  
   location of death: ?
   children: ?

   Wife  2
   Anna Corbin
   born: ?
   location of birth: ?
   date of marriage: ?
   location of marriage: ?
   date of death: April 22, 1899
   location of death: Winfield, Cowley Co., Kansas
   children: ?

   Wife  3
   Mary Henley of Pueblo Colorado  
   date of marriage: December 10, 1904
   location of marriage: Winfield, Cowley Co., Kansas
   date of death:
   location of death: 
   children: None

   Mary Henly was previously married to Freeman Thirsk who died at Pueblo Colo, 
   April 12, 1902. 

   Paperwork filed by Mary Corbin states that she is the second wife of Americus
   V. Corbin, with Anna Corbin being the first wife. This is a bit of a mystery
   as his enlistment paperwork states his wifes name as above - Sodemia.

   I have no information at all on any children being born to Americus from any
   of his marriages.

   My grandmother, Mary Ellen Corbin was the daughter of John Wesley Corbin and 
   Ida M. ?. She was born June 23, 1897 in Winfield, Cowley Co., Kansas.
   Mary Ellen Corbin married Frederick Ferdinand Lawrenz, December 24, 1913.
   Frederick Ferdinand Lawrenz was born February 1, 1891 in Hope, Dickinson Co.,
   Kansas and died April 29 1929 in Isabel, Kansas. They had one child, Wilburt
   Wesley Lawrenz, born November 7, 1914, married Viola Elizabeth Moomau, February
   4, 1937, and died May 1, 1986 in Gilroy, Santa Clara Co., California. They had
   four children. I'm the third child of that marriage.
   Looking for help in filling the blanks marked ?.  Any help would be greatly

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