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DALTON Family History

Dalton Gang

DALTON Family History

Robert Renick Dalton is the first cousin of Robert Ewing Younger

                    Charles Lee "Cole" YOUNGER 

Henry Washington YOUNGER                  Adeline Lee YOUNGER 

Robert "Bob" Ewing YOUNGER                Robert "Bob" Renick DALTON 

Robert "Bob" Renick DALTON                        

is the first cousin of

Robert "Bob" Ewing YOUNGER                 

 6 Jun 2001                   Family Group Sheet

        Husband: James Lewis DALTON  died at age: 64 
           Born: 16 Feb 1826          in Mt. Sterling, MontgomeryCO, KY  
           Died: 16 Jul 1890          in Dearing, KS  
         Father: Benjamin DALTON 
         Mother: Nancy RABOURN 
Generations earlier, James Lewis Dalton's (D'Alton) forbears had left France
for Ireland. Their descendants ultimately came to Kentucky from Virginia.

James Lewis Dalton served an even 365 days under General Zachary Taylor as a
fifer for Company I, Second Regiment of Kentucky Foot Volunteers during the
Mexican War. Lewis DALTON came west from Kentucky to Missouri during the late
1840s. By 1850 Lewis DALTON was trading horses and running a small saloon at
Westport (now Kansas City). Lewis and Adeline (YOUNGER) DALTON had 15
children. The Daltons moved to Coffeyville, Kansas in 1886 and lived there for
a  short  time. Coffeyville, Kansas became the hometown of "the Dalton boys."
They went on train robberies and gun battles throughout the West.

The Dalton Gang rode into Coffeyville, Montgomery County, Kansas on October 5,
1892 and attempted to rob two banks, the Condon Bank and the First National
Bank. They took about $25,000 in 12 minutes. A shootout followed which claimed
the lives of eight men: the outlaws, Grat and Bob Dalton, Dick Broadwell and
Bill Powers; and four Coffeyville residents, Charles T. Connelly, Coffeyville
city marshal (killed by Grat Dalton in "Death Alley"), Lucius M. Baldwin,
George B. Cubine and Charles Brown. Three other townsmen were wounded.

The four dead members of the Dalton gang were held in the Coffeyville city
jail. The next afternoon the outlaws were buried in black-varnished coffins
made of wood. Grat and Bob Dalton and Bill Powers were buried in Elmwood
Cemetery, Coffeyville, Kansas.

           Wife: Adeline Lee YOUNGER  died at age: 89 
        Married: 12-Mar-1851          in Independence, JacksonCo, MO    his age: 25  her age: 15 
           Born: 15 Sep 1835          in CassCo, MO  
           Died: 24 Jan 1925          in Kingfisher, OK  
         Buried:                      in Kingfisher, OK  
         Father: Charles Lee "Cole" YOUNGER 
         Mother: Parmelia Dorcus WILSON 

      M Child 1: Charles Benjamin "Ben" DALTON  died at age: 84 
           Born: 24 Feb 1852          in JacksonCo, MO  
           Died: 11 Mar 1936          in Supply, OK  
      M Child 2: Henry Coleman DALTON  died at age: 66 
           Born: 26 Nov 1853          in JacksonCo, MO  
           Died: 28 Feb 1920          in Des Moines, NM  
      M Child 3: Littleton Lee DALTON  died at age: 84 
           Born:  2-Oct-1857          in Blue Cut, JacksonCo, MO  
           Died:  2-Jan-1942          in Woodland, CA  
      M Child 4: Franklin "Frank" DALTON  died at age: 28 
           Born: 1859                 in JacksonCo, MO  
           Died: 27-Nov-1887          in Fort Smith, AR Indian Territory  
         Buried:                      in Elmwood Cemetery, Coffeyville, KS  
         Spouse: Nancy E. KESTESSON  b. 1855-1871  d. 1875-1949  
        Married: 1875-1886            in   
Frank Dalton: Frank Dalton became a deputy U.S. marshal in 1884 riding out of
Fort Smith, Arkansas, for Judge Isaac Parker, known as the "hanging judge."
Brother Grat went along as Frank's posseman. Frank Dalton was killed in the
line of duty on November 27, 1887 in Indian Territory near the Arkansas border
while trying to capture a band of whiskey runners. Frank Dalton was buried in
Elmwood Cemetery, Coffeyville, Kansas.
      M Child 5: Gratton "Grat" Hanley DALTON  died at age: 31 
           Born: 30 Mar 1861          in Lawrence, Douglas County, KS  
           Died:  5-Oct-1892          in Coffeyville, KS  
         Buried:                      in Elmwood Cemetery, Coffeyville, KS  
         Spouse: Mary HUGHES  b. 1863-1865  
Grattan (Grat) Dalton: Grat Dalton was born near Lawrence, Kansas in 1861. He
was name for a dead Irish statesman. Grat Dalton was promoted to Frank
Dalton's job as deputy U.S. marshal after Frank was killed on November 27,
1887. Grat Dalton then hired Bob Dalton as posseman. Soon afterwards Emmett
Dalton joined his older brothers. Grat Dalton died 5 Oct 1892 at Coffeyville,
      M Child 6: William "Bill" Marion DALTON  died at age: 31 
           Born: 1863                 in CassCo, MO  
           Died:  8 Jun 1894          in Ardmore, OK  
         Spouse: Jane "Jennie" BLIVEN  b. 1848-1872  d. 1889-1943  
        Married: 15 Jun 1885          in MercedCo, CA  
William (Bill) Marion Dalton: Bill Dalton was born in 1863. He supposedly was
the smartest of the second batch, a con artist. He was the worst of the five.
William also tried out for a role, after the deaths of two of the original
trio, and was shot for his trouble in 1894.
      F Child 7: Eva May DALTON  died at age: 71 
           Born: 25 Jun 1867          in Belton, CassCo, MO  
           Died: 28 Jan 1939          in Kingfisher, OK  
         Spouse: John N. WHIPPLE  b. Apr 1851  d. ABT 1932  
        Married: 25 Oct 1887          in Meade, KS  
      M Child 8: Robert "Bob" Rennick DALTON  died at age: 23 
           Born: 13 May 1869          in Belton, CassCo, MO  
           Died:  5-Oct-1892          in Coffeyville, KS  
         Buried:                      in Elmwood Cemetery, Coffeyville, KS  
         Spouse: Lucy Ann JOHNSON  b. 1868  d. 1893-1962  
        Married: 1880-1891            in   
      M Child 9: Emmett "Em" DALTON  died at age: 66 
           Born:  3 May 1871          in Belton, CassCo, MO  
           Died: 13-Jul-1937          in Los Angeles, CA  
         Spouse: Julia Ann JOHNSON  b.  5 Mar 1870  d. 1912-1961  
        Married: 31 Aug 1908          in Bartlesville, OK  
Emmett Dalton: Emmett Dalton was born in 1871. He was the youngest, named for
an Irishman who had been hung on the gallows in England. About five months
after the robbery at Coffeyville, Kansas, Emmett Dalton went on trial at
nearby Independence, Kansas. He pleaded guilty to murdering a Coffeyville
citizen and was sentenced to life in prison at the Kansas State Penitentiary
at Lansing. After fourteen and one-half years in prison, Emmett Dalton was
pardoned by E. W. Hoch, governor of Kansas, in 1907. Emmett Dalton married
Julia Johnson and settled in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Emmett was employed as a
special police officer.  On July 13, 1937, Emmett Dalton, sixty-six, died
peacefully in Hollywood, CA.
     F Child 10: Leona Randolph DALTON  died at age: 88 
           Born: 17 Jul 1875          in BatesCo, MO  
           Died: 18 Apr 1964          in Kingfisher, OK  
         Buried:                      in Kingfisher, OK  
     M Child 11: Nancy May DALTON  died at age: 25 
           Born: 11 Mar 1876          in BatesCo, MO  
           Died: 27 Dec 1901          in Kingfisher, OK  
         Spouse: Charles M. CLUTE  b. 1851-1877  d. 1900-1943  
        Married: Jan 1896             in   
     M Child 12: Simon "Si" Noel DALTON  died at age: 50 
           Born:  6 Jul 1878          in BatesCo, MO  
           Died: 13 Sep 1928          in Oklahoma City, OK  
         Spouse: Minnie "Mamie" McDANIEL  
        Married: 30 Jun 1910          in Nowata, OK  

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