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Family History of Burton Wallace Helm

The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Debbie Reitz for contributing this material.


Burton Wallace Helm married Lora Virginia Johnson

Burton: born on 10-13-1882,5 miles from Eldorado Springs,Mo.
        died on 7-4-1971 in Coquille,Or.
Lora  : born on 07-13-18??
        died on 03-05-1957.
        She is buried in Portland,Or.

Their Children :

   1.Hazel Charlotte Helm Beckett Thomas
     Born on 04-16-1904 in Nevada,Mo.
     Her first marriage was to John Beckett.It ended in divorce (no children).
     Her second marriage was to Michael Sidney Allen Thomas 
     (their 6 children listed later).
     Hazel died on 05-17-1978 in Greenville,S.C.
   2.Raymond Leroy Helm
     Born on 07-28-1905 in Hutchinson,Ks.
     died there on 01-05-1907.

   3.Norman Willis "Bill" Matthew Helm
     Born on 11-22-1907 in Maple Leaf,Ks.
     SSDI has Norman-died on 3-1977,Residence Shawnee Mission,Ks.  
     Married with 2 girls:
	1.Mary Ann Helm
	  Born on 04-16-1930 in Kansas City,KS.
	  Married LLoyd Thomas (Her aunt Hazels husbands nephew).
	2.Virginia Marie Helm
	  born on 08-31-1931 in El Paso,Tx.
	  Married John Brooks 
	  2 girls,Debbie and Barbara.

   4.Julia Christine Helm
     Born on 06-28-1909 in Kansas City,Ks.
     died on 08-06-1910 in Kansas City,Mo.

   5.Ivan Burton "Ike" Helm
     Born on 03-03-1911 in Leganey.Ok.
     His second wife,Georgia was born on 02-22-1913
     and died on 04-29-1995 in Bend,Or.(no children).
     He them married Clara,but they seperated until his death when 
     she showed up demanding everything he owned.Ivan served in the 
     US Air Force in the Pacific Theater during WWII.He was honorably 
     discharged as a sargent on 01-26-1946.
     Ivan died on 04-29-1995 in Or,and is buried in Skyline Memorial Gardens 
     in Portland,Or.

   6.Ida Elizabeth Helm Raffett Beggs
     Born on 09-04-1913 in Independence,Mo.
     First marriage to Johnny Raffett.
     They had 3 children before divorcing.
     Second marriage to Charles Beggs and they had 2 sons.
     Ida is living in Kansas with her son Jimmy and his family.
	1.Rosemary Elizabeth Raffett Brower
	  Born on 06-01-0934
	  died on 05-16-1995 in Kansas City,Mo.
	  She is buried in Old New Cemetary in Elcelsior Springs,Mo.
	2.John Raffett Jr.
	3.Franky Raffett-married Rita.
	4.Charles Beggs
	5.James Edward "Jimmy" Beggs
	  Married Rita and had 2 girls Frances and Jamie.

   7.Loella Virginia Helm Thompson
     Born on 09-23-1916 in Kansas City,Mo.
     Married Orville Thompson (no children) who died sometime before 1985.

   8.John Dewane Helm
     Born on 10-12-1918 in Kansas City,Mo.
     KIA on 04-15-1943 in WWII at the Point of No Return,Ak.

   9.Hilda "Beinie" Lavina Helm Spencer Thompson
     Born on 11-26-1920 in Kansas City,Mo.
     First married to William C.Spencer and had 3 boys before divorcing.
     Beinie then married Harrison E. "Joe" Thompson (who has a son Delbert 
     and a daughter Nellie from a previous marriage) and they had a daughter.
     Their Children:
	1.Thomas "Tommy" B.
	  Born on 7-04-1941.
	  Married Phillis and had 2 children before divorcing.
	  Tommy then married Robin.
	  Tommy died on 06-02-1986 in Or.
	  Their Children:
		1.Kimberly Spencer
		2.Joseph Burton Spencer
		  Born on 04-11-1973 in Coquille,Or.
		  Married Anna in June or July of 1995 and they have 2 
			1.Christopher James Spencer
			  Born on 07-24-1993 in Coquille,Or.
			2.?(Expected in 1996)
	2.James "Jimmy" Spencer-Wife named Cindy.
	3.William "Billy" Spencer
	  Wife named Ivey.They divorced (no children).
	  Billy then married Eunice (no children).
	4.Joann Thompson
	  Married Dale McKenzie and had a son before divorcing 
	  (she changed her name back to Thompson).
		  Married with 2 girls:
			1.Korina Dee-Born on 01-24-1993 in Az.
			2.Cherokee Ann-Born on 02-08-1994 in Bend,Or.

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