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Family History of Hiram HOGGE, Kansas Pioneer

The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Kristy Hogue Miller for contributing this material.

Hiram Hogge (later changed to Hogue) was born in 1847 in Harrison County, Ohio to Robert H. Hogge and Catherine DeWitt. Robert H Hogge was born in Washington County, PA and was part of a large migration of Scotch Irish settlers in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area. They were all very active in the Presbyterian Church. When Hiram was 17 he joined the Union Army as the result of running away from his home as his father had died and mother remarried a man by the name of William Steel who was abusive. He was enlisted in the 60th Ohio Volunteer Infantry re-organized in 1864 and part of the 9th Army Corps and fought in the Virginia Campaign. He and his wife, who was born in Switzerland County, IN, were married in Effingham, IL in 1870 and lived in Bates County, MO where he farmed for 6 years. They then moved to Labette County, KS near Mt Pleasant in 1874 and raised their 7 children: Lucretia (Lula/Lulu), Hattie, Nellie, Mollie, Hurley, Herbert, and Marshall.

Hiram purchased a farm in Elm Grove township in 1892 where he farmed successfully for the next 10 or 15 years until the entire family moved to Seatle Washington. Their son, Hurley Hogge/Hogue married Della (Delvora) Holmes, daughter of Charles O. Holmes and Susannah Hannah Barnett, also prominent farmers of Labette County, KS at that time. Hurley and Della raised 3 children, Lila Hogue, Wanda Hogue, and Mayo Hurley Maurice Hogue. They all moved to Seattle where Hiram and Addie lived with their daughter, Nellie, who owned several Hotels in the Seattle area at the time. Hiram died in 1918 in Seattle where he was buried with the Civil War burial and Addie followed him in 1925 and is buried next to him in Lakeview Cemetery in Seattle.

Attached is a picture of the Hogge Family in the 1890's I would guess. Also, attached is also a picture of the School that the Hogue Children and Holmes children attended. The school was Dist. 89 and the picture was taken in 1907. On the back is written: Delvora Holmes 3rd from the top left and 4th from the left is Mollie Hogue. I don't know who wrote on the back of the picture, I assume is was one of Dellas children.

The first picture being Hiram Hogge and his wife and children, and the second picture being the school house in Elm Grove Township, Labette County, Kansas.

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