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Family History of Henry S. JONES

The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Betty I. Ralph for contributing this material.

Henry S. Jones
b 22 Aug 1833 Cuyacuga Co, OH
d 3 Nov 1917  Greenwood Co, KS

married 1861
Elmira Jane Willis
b 16 Mar 1840 IN
d 15 Jan 1907 Greenwood Co, KS

Benjamin H. b 16 Mar 1863
Edna E. b 17 Apr 1869
Guy C. b 9 Aug 1783
Clark b @ 1873 d 19 Oct 1896 m Anna Broddle
Henry b Dec 1871 d 18 Sep 1872
Henrietta S. b 27 Feb 1876
Mary E. b 7 Oct 1879

Henry's parents moved moved from Cuyacuga Co, OH, to Elkhart Co, IN in 1835,
and on to Marquette Co, WI.  When Henry was 20, he went to CA and was in the
Indian War in OR in 1855 and later received a pension (SC6378).  He returned
to WI in 1858 via the Ismas of Pannama and New York City.

Henry migrated to Eureka, Greenwood Co, KS, in Sep 1859, where he married
Elmira Willis in 1861.  He was a successful farmer and a partner in the
Eureka Bank where he became director in 1870.  He was a member of the
Christian Church, GAR, and Odd Fellows.  During the War of the Rebellion, in
1863 he raised a company which became part of the 9th Kansas.

Clark Jones - son of Harrison and Elmira Willis Jones
b @ 1873 Greenwood Co, KS
d 3 Nov 1917 Greenwood Co, KS

m 1 Oct 1889
Anna Elizabeth Broddle dau of Luke Shaw and Mary Moore Broddle
b 11 Jul 1868
d 23 Dec 1949
   she m 2nd Charles Downs - had one son, Charles

Ethel Mae b 2 Oct 1890 d 28 May 1993 m Fermer Conner
Ester b 1892 d 1967 m _ Cutmyer
Earl J. "Bo" b 22 Feb 1894 d 16 Sep 1961  never married

Clark Jones died of blood poisening - either because a new pair of boots
rubbed a blister on his heel and became infected or he scratced himself on a
nail when he was gathering honey in the attic of an old house and the
scratch became infected.  In any event, he died in agony and men had to hold
him down with a sheet.

Ethel spent part of her childhood living with an uncle in Eureka and going
to school there.

Esther, like her mother, suffered from diabetes.

Bo was gassed in World War I and was a carpenter in Eureka, KS.

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