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The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Richard Grimes for contributing this material.

I'm trying to fill a missing link and i was wondering if you might be able to help me. So far this is what i've got, starting with Colonel Henry Leavenworth. Do you have anything that might help me?????

Henry Leavenworth born 1783 New Haven, CT - died 1834 (4x grandfather)
his son ???????

Jesse born 1807 ( he would be our 3x grandfather)
his sons

Henry Clark  born 1833
Jesse                  1843
Franklin               1846  (died in infancy)
Festus                 1848  ( died young)
Assume, that either Henry or Jesse is our 2x grandfather.

The missing link is between these two guys ( Henry & Jesse) and Benoni Sherman Leavenworth b 1896 Rayville,NY - d 1974 Old Chatham,NY. Who is my grandfather.

Do you know who Colonel Leavenworth's parents are?
ANYTHING you can provide would be helpful.

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