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Kansas Family History

Family History of Edward E. & Emma (Barrett) McConnell

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Ed. McConnell for submitting this material.

Lived in Coffeyville, Kansas from late 1860s to mid 1890s.  Operated 
McConnell Brothers and, The Star Mills, with John McConnell, George 
McConnell, William McConnell, Arthur McConnell and James McConnell.  Family 
moved to Coffeyville Kansas from Springfield, Illinois where Arthur McConnell 
and Edward McConnell obtained there US Citizenship in the early 1860s.  My 
great grandfather was Edward McConnell.  His first son E.E. McConnell born in 
1879 and died same year is buried in family plot at Elmwood Cemetery near 
Coffeyville.  My grandfather Edward McConnell was born in Coffeyville, Kansas 
in 1884 and passed away in 1964.  Both my great grandfather and grandfather 
are buried at Beaver Creek Cemetery in Twisp, Washington.  My great 
grandmother Emma McConnell suggested the name for the town of Carlton, 
Washington.  The McConnells operated a horse ranch on Texas Creek east of 
Carlton, Washington until the early 1920s.

Ed. McConnell

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