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Charles METZKER Family History

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Trudy McCreary for contributing this material.

Metzker Family history;

Charles Metzker     born 1811 in Virgina  married Eliza who was born 
in 1812 in Virginia
Sarah V. Born 1835 in Virginia
William Henry born September 17, 1836 in Virginia married Susan 
Elizabeth Paxton May 19 1835   he died Jan 1 1886 in Greenville 
Kentucky Susan Died 1920 in Greenville Kentucky
Grigsley born 1838 in Kentucky
Charles born 1844 in Kentucky
Susan born 1845 in Kentucky
Minerva born 1847 in Kentucky

William Henry and Susans' children
Frank Leighton born October 13,1858 in Greenville Kentucky married 
Lucy William Allen November 18, 1876 in Shonneytown, Ill  he died 
December 5, 1932 in Wichita, Kansas. She died April 9, 1941 in 
Wichita and was buried in Coldwater Kansas
Ida  who married a Hatfiedl

Frank Leighton and Lucys' children
Henry Clay born May 30 1882 in Greenville Kentucky, married Ollie Day 
December 8 1908 in Evansville Indiana.  He died January 23, 1953 in 
Minerva Francise  born November 29, 1877 in Greenville Kentucky 
married James Cline June 25, 1900 in Carmie Illinoise.  She died 1972 
in Coldwater Kansas
Lula Agness born April 8 1879 in Greenville Kentucky married Philo 
Gregg February 27, 1906 in Coldwater, Kansas She died December 29, 
1969 in Coldwater Kansas
Fred Blane born July 7, 1884  married Mable Webster Dec 1, 1905 in 
Coldwater Kansas Died February 22, 1943 
Ira born November 10, 1886 in New Harmony Indiana, married Iris 
Brasher February 11 1916 in Greenville, Kentucky died October 21, 
1968 in Coldwater Kansas
William Harrison born July 13 1888 in New Harmony died November 4 
1918 in Andes France in the service of our country.
George Edgar born May 28, 1894  married Alma Duvall 1935 died 
November 21, 1959
Cordella born Nov 15, 1889 in New Harmony Died of TB April 5, 1906
Jesse born March 19, 1891 in New Harmony died Dec 5 1896 of 
Issic Valentin born  February 14, 1893  died November 19, 1896 of 
Alein born November 30, 1896 in Stuatsville Indiana married Frank 
Templin January 14, 1918 in Coldwater
Malcolm Fauntleroy born July 24, 1899 in New Harmony married Winifred 
Titus 1923 died June 20-, 1953 in Coldwater
Robert Edwin born July 4 1901 in New  Harmon  married Frankie 
Emmerson May 6, 1927 in Coldwater died 1992 in Coldwater, Kansas

The rest of the family is still living and as before we will not list 
them at this time.
The Philo Greeg family homesteaded on the Biddle Ranch in Coldwater 
Kansas and all of the Metzker family at one time or another lived and 
worked together on this ranch.  The ranch is still a working ranch 
and I was told by one of the older surviving members that it is one 
of the few ranches in the area that owes no money and still turns a 
profit.  It is quit a beautiful place and has changed little since I 
was a child.  All of the original homes that I remeber as a child 
some 40 years ago are still standing.   Many are still owned by the 
original decendants of Charles Metzker. 

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