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Family History of John Thomas MULLINS

The Heritage Server would like to thank Stephen Chinn for providing this information.
04-Dec-1994                  Family Group Sheet

 Husband: John Thomas MULLINS   age: 49 
    Born: 10 OCT 1848     in: Boone County, Kentucky                      
    Died: 23 SEP 1898     in: MorrisCo,KS                                 
  Buried: 25 SEP 1898     in: Moss Springs Cemetery, Geary Co, KS          
     Ref:                     Occupation: farmer                          
  Father: William Patrick Henry MULLINS  
  Mother: Janette DILLARD  

  26 Nov 1872--John Thomas MULLINS married Elizabeth TAYLOR in
  Boone County, Kentucky at residence of bride's mother in the
  presence of John McElroy and Edward Taylor.  The marriage
  certificate was signed by L. Johnson - Baptist minister.
  1880--They were still living in Kentucky.
  1891--The family came to Ohio Township, Morris County, Kansas.
  They settled on a farm three miles east and one mile north of
  Dwight, Kansas near where the Jones Station on the Rock Island
  Railroad was located.  The northeast corner of this quarter (NE
  1/4 of Section 17) is two miles south of Moss Springs Cemetery,
  Geary County, Kansas.
  1891--They went into partnership with a Mr. Alexander and engaged
  in farming.  This partnership lasted seven years.
  23 Sep 1892--The Alta Vista Modern Woodmen of America camp was
  14 Mar 1893 (date of certificate)--John Thomas MULLINS (age: 44
  years, 5 months, 4 days; occupation: farmer) was a member of the
  Modern Woodmen of America camp (#1768) of Alta Vista, Kansas.
  1896--In the Alta Vista, KS new items, "Joseph CUNNINGHAM of
  Weston, Geary County has gone to work for J. T. MULLINS of
  Dwight."  [Ref. Council Grove Republican April 10, 1896 pg. 9]
  1898--John Thomas MULLINS had illness/disease of pneumonia in his
  personal history, and had habits of liquor and tobacco.
23 Sep 1898-- John Thomas MULLINS aged 49 years, 11 months, 13 days died at Alta Vista, Kansas from Typhoid fever.

  23 Sep 1898--John Thomas MULLINS had been a member of the Modern
  Woodmen of America camp (#1768) of Alta Vista, Kansas for 5
  years, 6 months, 9 days.  He is the first member that has been
  lost by death.
  25 Sep 1898--Rev. Signor, of the Christian Church, conducted the
  religious services.  The Modern Woodmen of America camp attended
  to the funeral services, but the hour being late and the crowd so
  large, over half of the ceremony was omitted.  Over 157 teams
  were in the procession.  John T. MULLINS was buried at 4:00 p.m.
  in the Moss Springs Cemetery, Geary County, Kansas.
  18 Oct 1898 (paid)--John Thomas Mullins carried a $2,000
  insurance policy (claim #5576; contributed $63.80; rate $1.10)
 Wife: Elizabeth (Bess) TAYLOR   age: 61 
 Married: 1872            in: KentonCo,KY                                 
    Born: 29 OCT 1846     in: IRL                                         
    Died: 11 MAY 1908     in: MorrisCo,KS                                 
  Buried: 14 MAY 1908     in: Moss Springs Cemetery, GearyCo, KS          
  Father: Edward TAYLOR  
  Mother: Margaret PRENDERGAST  

  29 Oct 1846--Elizabeth TAYLOR was born in Ireland.
  1852--Elizabeth Taylor was seven years old when they came to
  America and settled near Richwood, Boone County, Kentucky.
  1852/1872--She became a member of the Baptist Church before
  1898--Shortly after the death of John Thomas Mullins, Elizabeth
  Mullins and Mr. Alexander held a sale to dissolve the
  1898/1908--Elizabeth MULLINS then purchased the farm three miles
  east and a quarter mile north of Dwight, Kansas (SE 1/4 of
  Section 17 T-14-S range 7-8 East) and moved there with her
  1900--Elizabeth MULLINS was a widow, a mother of five (all living).
11 May 1908-- Elizabeth (Taylor) MULLINS aged 62 years, 6 months, 12 days died at her home near Dwight, Kansas Monday afternoon from consumption.

  14 May 1908--A large procession followed her body from the house
  to Moss Springs M.E. Church northeast of Dwight, Kansas where the
  funeral service was held.  The services was conducted by Rev. H.
  A. M. Holshouser of Dwight, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at
  Dwight.  Elizabeth (Taylor) MULLINS was buried in the Moss
  Springs Cemetery adjoining the church.

M Child 1 Edward John MULLINS  age: 43 
    Born: 30 JUL 1875     in: Boone County, Kentucky                     1
    Died: 16 MAR 1919     in: Alta Vista,WabaunseeCo,KS                  2
  Buried: 18 MAR 1919     in: Moss Springs Cemetery, GearyCo, KS          
  Spouse: Susie Arotha Isabell DAVIS  
 Married:  6 NOV 1901     in: Council Grove, Morris County, KS           3
F Child 2 Margaret (Maggie) MULLINS  age: 82 
    Born:  3 MAR 1878     in: KY                                          
    Died: 21-Jan-1961     in: Los Angeles, CA                             
  Spouse: James NICHOLS  
 Married:                 in:                                             
F Child 3 Elizabeth Ellen MULLINS  age: 59 
    Born: 25 DEC 1879     in: Boone County, Kentucky                      
    Died: 11 DEC 1939     in: Morris Co,KS                                 
  Spouse: Frank Edmund CHINN  
 Married: 24 AUG 1898     in: Morris Co,KS                                 
F Child 4 Lena Jane MULLINS  age: 84 
    Born: 28 JUL 1883     in: Williamstown, Grant County, KY              
    Died: 22 MAY 1968     in: Dwight, Morris County, KS                   
  Buried:                 in: Dwight Cemetery, Morris County, KS          
  Spouse: John GALLAWAY  
 Married: 21 OCT 1903     in: Dwight, Morris County, KS                   
M Child 5 William Henry MULLINS  age: 57 
    Born: 25 OCT 1885     in: Grant County, Kentucky                      
    Died: 15 APR 1943     in: Morris Co,KS                                 
  Buried: 18-Apr-1943     in: Moss Springs Cemetery, GearyCo, KS          
     Ref:                     Occupation: farmer                          
  Spouse: Marie Ella GEISLER  
 Married:  1 JAN 1913     in: Alma, Wabaunsee County, Kansas              

1 Records of BooneCo, KY found at Independence, MO library.
2 Obit. The Alta Vista, KS Journal 20 Mar 1919
3 Marriage License MorrisCo, KS 6 Nov 1901

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