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Family History of David Whitehead POWERS

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Winifred Powers Dixon for contributing this information.

David Whitehead Powers was born 4 July 1818 in Virginia. He married Elizabeth Faulconer 14 March 1853 in Missouri. The first documentation is a deed in Andrew County Missouri. He immigrated into Kansas in the early 1850's establishing his family in Leavenworth, Kansas. He was a freighter, farmer, stock dealer and banker. According to Joseph G. McCoy's account on page 372 in Historic Sketch of the Cattle Trade, David W. Powers was able to accurately size up the value of a herd. He financed his nephews; James W. Powers, Edmon A. Powers and David Bruce Powers in banking and ranching in Salina and Ellsworth, Kansas. He completed an impressive house in Kickapoo Township, Leavenworth, Kansas in 1872. It is currently on the National Register.

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