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Family History of Robert ROCKEY

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank David L. Langenberg for contributing this information about his great-great-grandfather Robert Rockey who was a Doniphan County, Kansas, pioneer.

Robert Rockey was born about 1812, in England, probably in Devon, where the name Rockey seems to be localized. He was an early settler in Peoria County, Illinois (mid-1840s), apparently with his father Thomas Rockey and brothers Thomas and James Rockey. He married Mary Ann Chamblin on 29 February 1852, in Peoria County. They moved to Kansas about 1855. Robert Rockey was patented 160 acres, the NE 1/4 of Section 32 in Township 3 of Range 21 in Doniphan County, Kansas (near Troy, Kansas), 10 September 1860. He mortgaged the land on 25 February 1861 to Ed. S. Davis; the mortgage was released on 1 May 1862. Robert Rockey enlisted for service at Fort Leavenworth on 15 October 1861 and served in Company G, 8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry. He was wounded during the first days battle of Chickamauga, on 19 September 1863, and was discharged from service on 17 October 1864, at Villanord Station, Georgia. For the gunshot wound he suffered at Chickamauga, he received an invalid pension (Pension Certificate #76114). On 1 March 1865 Robert Rockey and Mary Ann Rockey late of Doniphan County, Kansas, at present of Peoria County, Illinois sold their Kansas land. He was enumerated in Limestone Township, Peoria County, Illinois at the 1865 State Census. He moved to Kansas or to Indian Territory in 1878 or 1879; on 5 March 1879 he wrote to the Pension Agency that his post office address is Parson, Labette County, State of Kansas. In 1885 a Pension Agency official in Chicago wrote that the name of Robert Rockey who was a pensioner on the rolls of this agency under Certificate No. 76114, and who was last paid at $6 to June 4, 1884, has been dropped because of death. Robert and Mary Ann (Chamblin) Rockey were the parents of at least ten children: George W. Rockey, b. ab. 1853, in Illinois; Thomas J. Rockey, b. ab. 1855, in Kansas; May Jeanette Rockey, b. 31 March 1858, in Doniphan County, Kansas, m. Charles Langenberg, 1881, in Oswego, Kansas; Jane Rockey, b. ab. 1859, in Kansas; Charles Rockey, b. ab. 1860, in Kansas; Jackson Rockey, b. ab. 1861, in Kansas; Morton M. Rockey, b. ab. 1867, in Illinois; Orilla Rockey, b. 1870, in Illinois; Walter Rockey; Mabel Rockey.

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