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Luther H. ROOT Obituary

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Bonnie Bunce for providing this information.

   This obituary was clipped from a newspaper probably dated February 8, 
   1911, since there is a date on the reverse side quoting farm prices 
   for February 7. Mr. Root was the second husband of my great-grandmother,
   Martha Jane (Jackson) Mehaffey.  Don't know the date they married, but
   it was after April, 1886.  There's also a picture of Mr. Root, that
   I'll try to scan, but the paper has become rather aged.  

                             SHAWNEE PIONEER GONE
               Luther H. Root Lived on the Same Farm for 55 Years
            Luther Holt Root, 87 years of age, and a pioneer of 
         Shawnee county, died at his home ten miles southeast of 
         Topeka, Tuesday night, at 10 o'clock.  The funeral services 
         will be held at 1 o'clock this afternoon at the Emanuel 
         Episcopal Church, near Watson.  Mr. Root has lived on his 
         farm for 55 years which he pre-empted in May, 1856.  He was 
         active until a few months ago, when he suffered a paralytic 
         stroke, since which time he has been gradually failing until 
         he passed away.
            He was born in Farmington, Conn., August 24, 1824, his 
         ancestors having lived in that state since 1636.  In 1846, he
         married Miss Angeline Smith, a daughter being born to them.
         Two years later his wife died and in 1859 he married Miss
         Elizabeth Beach.  She died in 1884.  Mr. Root was married 
         the third time and for many years had lived with his wife and
         daughter on the farm.  There he raised his seven children all 
         of whom are living except the eldest daughter who died last 
         year.  Hiram C. Root, an attorney, who lives at 1525 Topeka 
         avenue, is a son.
            In 1856 when the slavery question was the absorbing topic
         in New England Mr. Root decided to join an immigration colony 
         bound for the territory of Kansas.  He was a member of the 
         "Beecher Bible-Rifle Colony," which took an active part in 
         the early settlement of the state and especially Shawnee
         county.  The colony came from Kansas City to Shawnee county
         in covered wagons drawn by ox teams, and Mr. Root built a
         log house in the clearing on his homestead.  Until recently
         when his eyesight failed Mr. Root was a great reader and
         was well informed on topics of current interest.

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