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Santa Fe Trail in the News

Google News searches sometimes find events and memories of the trail, but more often bring up news on sports for schools named after the trail.

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May 2004:
Women on the Santa Fe Trail - speaker Frances Levine
Sapling Grove Park - 82nd Terrace and Grant, Overland Park, KS
July 2000:
Independence, MO and the Santa Fe Trail (KC Star)

August 2000:
Inter-city swales. The Santa Fe Trail is being discussed in Kansas City, MO at the annual OCTA convention. Per KC Star article author, Brian Burnes,
"The national convention of the Oregon-California Trails Association runs Monday through Saturday at the Adam's Mark Hotel, Interstate 70 at Truman Sports Complex. Anyone wishing to attend convention events can go to the hotel's registration desk throughout the week."

June 2000:
Bannister Mall and the SFT (KC Star)
Mahaffie festival and hispanic culture (KC Star)
Robert Fann, "Pioneering the Midwest" and the Santa Fe Trail (KC Star)

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