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A Basic Santa Fe Trail Reading List

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Boyle, Susan Calafate, Comerciantes, Arrieros, Y Peones: The Hispanos and
the Santa Fe Trade. Southwest Cultural Resources Center Professional Papers
No. 54 (Santa Fe: National Park Service, 1994). This is the most and best
material available on Hispanos and the Santa Fe Trade.

Brandon, William, Quivira, Europeans in the Region of the Santa Fe Trail,
1540- 1820 (Athens: Ohio University Press, 1990). The story of the first
European explorers of the great plains.

*Brown, William E., The Santa Fe Trail: National Park Service 1963
Historic Sites Survey (St. Louis: Patrice Press, 1988). Good basic history
of the Trail and a survey of the sites along the Trail.

Chavez, Thomas E., Quest for Quivira, Spanish Explorers on the Great
Plains, 1540_1821 (Tucson:Southwest Parks and Monuments Association, 1992).
An exciting story of Spanish exploration and heritage of the Trail.

*Connor, Seymour V. and Jimmy M. Skaggs, Broadcloth and Britches, The
Santa Fe Trade (College Station: Texas A & M University Press, 1977). Most
recent general survey of the Trail.

Drumm, Stella., ed., Down the Santa Fe Trail and into New Mexico: The
Diary of Susan Shelby Magoffin (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press,
1982). A Trail Classic written by an 18-year old newlywed.

*Duffus, Robert, The Santa Fe Trail (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico
Press, 1979). A well written general survey history of the Trail.

Franzwa, Gregory M., Maps of the Santa Fe Trail (St. Louis: Patrice Press,
1988). Modern county road maps with the Trail route marked on them.

Franzwa, Gregory M. The Santa Fe Trail Revisited (St. Louis: Patrice
Press, 1989). A tour guide of the Trail, well illustrated with history of
and routes to Trail sites.

Gardner, Mark, Santa Fe Trail (Tucson: Southwest Parks and Monuments
Association, 1993). Color photos enhance this brief overview of the Trail.

Garrard, Lewis H., Wah-to-yah and the Taos Trail (Norman: University of
Oklahoma Press, 1955). Exciting story by a 17-year old on the Trail.

Gregg, Josiah, Commerce of the Prairies (Norman: University of Oklahoma
Press, 1954). First published in 1844, it is the authority on Trail life by
a participant. The basic source for the Santa Fe Trail.

Lavender, David, Bent's Fort (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press,
1972). A very good history of Bent's Fort and related activities in the
Southwest along the Trail.

Lavender, David, The Santa Fe Trail (New York: Holiday House, 1995). This
children's book provides an excellent overview of the trail.

Oliva, Leo E., Fort Larned on the Santa Fe Trail (Topeka: Kansas State
Historical Society, 1982). An excellent history of this important Kansas

Oliva, Leo E., Fort Union and the Frontier Army in the Southwest (Santa
Fe: National Park Service, 1994). A comprehensive history of this Santa Fe
Trail Post and activities in the Southwest.

*Rittenhouse, Jack D., The Santa Fe Trail: A Historical Bibliography
(Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1971). Describes 718 books,
pamphlets, and articles on the Trail.

Russell, Marian, Land of Enchantment, Memoirs along the Santa Fe Trail
(Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1981). A charming account by
a young girl and Army Officer's wife on the Trail.

Simmons, Marc, Following the Santa Fe Trail (Santa Fe: Ancient City Press,
1984). A guide to the Trail written by the acknowledged expert on the Santa
Fe Trail.

Utley, Robert M., Fort Union and the Santa Fe Trail (El Paso: Texas
Western Press, 1989). Identifies the location of the Trail in and around
Fort Union.

Webb, Dave, Adventures with the Santa Fe Trail (Dodge City: Kansas
Heritage Center, 1989). An activity book for students and teachers but of
value to anyone interested in the Trail.

Yoder, Carolyn P., ed., "The Santa Fe Trail," The History Magazine for
Young People, Cobblestone 11 (May 1990). An excellent resource which
children can relate to today.

Some of these books are out-of-print but should be available on-line,  
from your local library, or through inter-library loan.

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