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How to Research Methodist History and Records
Need a little help trying to find United Methodist Church records?  Need an email address for the Archives in Kansas, the United States or the United Kingdom?  Just like to see what kind of historical records are available through The United Methodist Church?
Here are several good tips for researching any United Methodist Church's history and records.
How to Research Methodist Records and History 
part 1 
Always be sure to look for printed materials: books, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, curriculum, etc..  The Methodist Church has historically maintained a publishing house and has produced vast amounts of printed historical material.  Some of the best collections of these materials are located in the private libraries of Methodist ministers.  Also local Methodist Churches usually have a library containing several volumes of historical material as well as copies of the Annual Conference Journal (the minutes of the annual meeting of the Conference) which will list every minister's service records for the year -- complete with obituaries.  Finally, remember to check the libraries of Methodist related colleges and universities, (and those of denominations with roots in the Methodist Church) especially those that train prospective church leaders.  Many of them hold valuable papers in their archives.  Books in their circulating collections may be available via interlibrary loan.  Some of these institutions are even putting their catalogues online.
How to Research Methodist Records and History,
part 2

The General Commission on Archives and History (GCAH) of the United Methodist Church now maintains a very helpful website.  They offer genealogical research services (for a fee) if you are searching for ministers or missionaries.  Their archivist is available via an email link, so that you can ask questions about various aspects of Methodist history.  You'll find links to addresses of each of the Annual Conference CAH's (by state) and their archivists.  The site also offers tips on how to look for historical and genealogical information in Methodist records and has an excellent summary of Methodist History.
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