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Kansas United Methodists Online
The United Methodist Church in Kansas is divided into two Conferences (administrative areas).  The Kansas East Conference, at present, is the only one of the two that lists the churches in their Conference with official websites and provides links to them.
Kansas East Annual Conference
Kansas West Annual Conference 
Kansas West Churches on the web 
The entire state of Kansas is in the South Central Jurisdiction (a regional administrative area).  Using this interactive map you will be linked to the official homepage of any of the Annual Conferences in this region.

The number of Kansas United Methodist Churches on the Internet is growing.  Also a number of websites (both official and non-official) provide links to their homepages.  Here's one. 
Local Church Internet Directory (Kansas) 
(official United Methodist Site) 
If you're looking for the best places to report a new URL for a United Methodist Church look no farther than these two forms. 
  Add a link for any United Methodist Church
Add a link to the Official United Methodist Website 
If you're trying to find information about ANY United Methodist Church you can contact
The General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church provides free webspace to any United Methodist Church.  Sign up here.
The American Bible Society is now providing editable webpages for every church in the U.S.  Search their database for information about the church you're seeking.  You can also sign up to be the "owner" of your church's webpage on this system.
Houses of Worship 
The Kansas Heritage Group at Kansas University, is an extensive site including the Kansas Community Network.  Many local Historical Societies and Genealogical Societies have homepages on this system, where they offer listings of all the churches in a given community.  Follow their COUNTIES links to search for still more Kansas United Methodist Churches, their addresses, phones numbers, and other information.
Kansas Community Network
And the Kansas Heritage site has an excellent search engine where you can search for every instance of "Methodist+Church" (don't leave out the  +) in the Heritage collection.  Be prepared for a sizeable readout!  You will get over 500 hits; but scroll down, looking for counties, cities and individual churches, and ignore the obituaries -- unless that's what you're looking for!

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