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American Chief's Kansa Village 1829- (100 people) S27 T11S R14E (Barry p.167)

Fool Chief's Kansa Village 1829- (700/800 people) SE 1/4 S16 T11S R15E. (Barry p.166)

Great Nemaha Subagency 1837-67. Andrew S. Hughes, subagent 1837; W.P. Richardson, subagent, 1842. Located on Missouri River north of mouth of Wolf River, 1837-42. Permanent log structures were constructed 1/2 m. south of Iowa/Sac & Fox Mission in 1842 at a location shown on the Kansas Territorial Land Surveys of 1855. The U.S. Gov't. provided blacksmiths, millers, gunsmiths and farmers for each tribe. Became a full agency in 1852. Nemaha Agency P.O. 1856-57, Richard Leach, postmaster. (Barry p.321 & 444)

Hard Chief's Kansa Village 1829- (500/600 people) NE 1/4 S28 T11S R14E. (Barry p.167)

Iowa Indian Village, 1842-54. About 3 m. northeast of Highland, KS near Iowa, Sac & Fox Presbyterian Mission.

Kansa Agency 1827-34, Baronet Vasquez, subagent, on north bank of Kansas River, just east of half-breed reserve #23. Terminated Aug.1834, and transferred to Shawnee/Ft. Leavenworth Agency and then to Osage(Marais des Cygnes) River Subagency. (Barry p.138)

Kansa Agency 1860-73 on Neosho River at mouth of Big John Creek. Two story stone building, extant 1956, but in poor repair. (KHQ v.23 p.121)

Kansa Village: 2 m. east of Manhattan on Kansas River, visited by Maj. Long in 1819. SE 1/4 S9 & SW 1/4 S10 T10S R8E. (KHC v.2 p.289)

Kansa Village of Twelve, c1724, at mouth of Salt Creek, Leavenworth County, KS. Twelve leagues above mouth of Kansas River, according to French estimates in 18th century. (Barry p.22-23)

Kansa Village of Twenty-four, before 1724 at present Doniphan, KS. Twenty-four leagues above mouth of Kansas River. (Barry p.22-23)

Kickapoo Agency 1852 at Kennekuk, Atchison Co., KT, Maj. C. B. Keith, Agent, succeeded 1857 by Abram Bennett. Mr. Bennett also owned a store 0.5 m. west of present Bendena 1855-58; and was a Methodist minister. (Frank Root p. 191)

Osage (Marais des Cygnes) River Subagency 1837-44 on Wea Creek at Wea Presb. Mission. Relocated to Pottawatomie Creek at future Lane, Franklin Co., 1844-48. Tribes serviced were: Sac & Fox of Mississippi, Kansa, Ottawa, Chippewa, Miami, Wea, Pinkeshaw, Peoria & Kaskaskia. (Barry p.321, 355 & 530)

Osage (Marais des Cygnes) River Agency 1848-6?. (Barry p.762)

Osage Indian Villages, 1840s, on Neosho River near St. Paul, KS. Five villages under chiefs Baptiste Mongrain, White Hair (Majakita), George White Hair, Man-chap-che-mani, and Bel Oiseau.

Pawnee Republican Village 1820s-30s. 30 to 40 earth lodges on west side of Republican River 2-1/2 m. southwest of Republic City, KS. Once thought to be the village visited by Capt. Zebulon M. Pike in 1806, the village in Webster County, Nebr., has been conclusively proven to be the site of Pike's visit.

Pottawatomie Agency bef. 1848 at Shawnee/Ft. Leav. Agency. (Barry p.549)

Pottawatomie Agency 1847-59 at Uniontown on Kansas River. (KHQ v.17 p.457)

Pottawatomie Agency 1859-70, 1 m. north of Rossville on Cross creek; some business conducted at St. Mary's Mission, in a native stone building still standing on south edge of college campus and converted to a residence. Rossvile was named for W.W. Ross, Pottawatomie agent. (KHC v.14 p.551 & v.17 p.457)

Pottawatomie Agency 1870-1913 at Nadeau on the Diminished Reservation, SE 1/4 S12 T9S R13E. Nadeau was a post office 1887- 1913, Eli G. Nadeau, postmaster. (KHC v.14 p.552; KPO p.89 & 191)

Sac & Fox Agency 1846-60, NW 1/4 S16 T17S R18E. Removed to Quenemo 1860-67. Sac & Fox Agency P.O. 1855-61, John Whistler, postmaster. (Barry p.704; KPO p.112 & 183)

Sac & Fox Village 1840s-50s, at Hooper's Ford on Wolf River south of Highland. Chief Peteokema's band. (Bird p.38 & Gray I-ll.)

Sac & Fox Village 1840s-50s, at Walnut Grove (Bayne's Crossing) on Wolf River, 3 m. northeast of Severance. Chief Nesourquoit's band. (Gray I-11 & II-136)

Sac & Fox Village 1840s-50s 1/2 m. east of Highland Station (Sparks), KS. Chief Moless' band. Probably the village visited by John Minto of the Cornelius Gilliam Co. in 1844. (Gray I-11)

Shawnee/Ft. Leavenworth Agency 1828-49, E 1/2 SE 1/4; S10 & W 1/2 SW 1/4 S11 T12S R25E. (Barry p.156)

Wolfsgrove: 320 acre float granted to Little Wolf, #2 Iowa chief, 160 acres of which was transferred to John Baptiste Roy, Iowa interpreter, in 1854. One mile north of Highland on Mill Creek in S10, S14 & S15 T2S R19E. USGS White Cloud Quad.

Wyandotte Subagency 1843-49 located in residence of Henry Jacquis, subagent, Kansas City, KS. (Barry p.550)

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