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The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Morris W. Werner for preparing this material.

Source: Annals of Iowa. 1924. v.14, p. 243-262

June 11 Crossed (South) and North Canadian Rivers*
     15 Honey Springs* Site of Civil War battle; no houses
     16 Crossed Honey Creek
     18 Ft. Gibson*
     24 (Creek) Agency*
     25 Crossed Arkansas River* Camped near old (Coreta) Mission*
     26 Crossed Verdigris River*
     29 Crossed Cabin Creek* Site of Civil War battle
     30 Crossed Horse Creek
July  1 Crossed Neosho River*
     10 Baxter Springs, KS*
     11 Camped on Spring River*
     24 Crossed Neosho River* heading west to "go around Kansas"
     26 Turned southwest toward Arkansas River*
     30 Crossed Verdigris River*
Aug.  4 Crossed 1852 Mormon Trace?*
      5 Turned north about 10 m.? beyond Mormon Trace
      7 Crossed Little Walnut Creek
      8 Crossed Big Walnut Creek
     12 Crossed Spring Creek; camped on White Water Creek*
     16 Crossed Cottonwood River*
     17 Traveled 6 m. and struck Santa Fe Trail* 5 m. west of
Lost Springs*
     18 Camped at Six Mile Creek* (Ranch)
     19 Traveled 6 m. to Diamond Spring and 8 m. to Elm Creek
     20 Council Grove* Camped beyond Neosho River*
     22 Camped on Mill Creek*
     24 St. Marys Mission* Crossed Caw (Kansas) River* and Union
Pacific Eastern Div., later Kansas Pacific Railroad.
     25 Meeting House: Buck Grove Methodist? Cross Creek shown on
map at head of Cross Creek was a P.O. in Pottawatomie, later in
Jackson Co. Relocated to Shawnee Co. near mouth of creek.
     26 America (City)
     27 Lincoln on S. Fork of Nemaha at mouth of Illinois Creek.
Camped near Seneca* at "very fine spring" (Maxwell Spring?)
     28 Crossed (S. Fork) Nemaha River* Nooned 8 m. north of
Seneca (Baker's Ford?)
     29 Crossed (S. and N. Fork) of Big Nemaha, each time at a
mill (Fries Mill on S. Fork?) Camped 1 m. from Table Rock*, Nebr.
     30 Crossed (N. Fork) of Big Nemaha River*
     31 Crossed Big Muddy Creek* and (Little) Nemaha River*
Sept. 1 Camped 5 m. from Nebraska City*
   7-12 Crossed herd at Nebraska City*
     15 Camped at Sidney, Iowa
     19 Crossed two Nishnabotna Rivers*
     22 Camped near Clarinda, Iowa*

*These geographical locations are identified on 1867 Map of Kansas, Texas and Indian Territory. The following errors are noted on this map:
  1. Barrett, KS was on the Black Vermillion, not on the St. Joe Road.
  2. Walnut Grove, KS: "Grove" has been detached to identify Troy.
  3. Seneca, KS has been shown about 6 m. too far south. Cross Creek on the map is at approximate location of James Crossing, which was a P.O. 1862. A P.O. by this name was located in Shawnee Co. 1864-68.

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