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Adams, Benjamin Franklin, 1849, Painesville, Ohio. On Oregon & Calif. road, 4 m. west of intersection of St. Joseph & Independence road. (Reid p.44; Mattes p.125)

Adams, T________, 1849, vicinity of Rock Creek crossing of Oregon & Calif. road, near Westmoreland. (Barry p.845)

Agnes City Cemetery. Agnes City was a P.O.1856-66, Emanuel Mosier, postmaster, located at Bluff (Rock?) Creek crossing of Santa Fe Trail; relocated 1-1/2 m. south c1870. Agnes City was 1st county seat of Lyon (Breckenridge) county. USGS Bushong Quad. (KPO p.1 &201)

Albany Cemetery. Albany was settled by New Yorkers, and was a P.O.1858-82, John P. Shumway, postmaster. (KPO p.2 & 209) USGS Sabetha Quad.

Allen, Lt. Col. James, d Aug. 23, 1846 at Ft. Leavenworth. Cmdr. of Mormon Battalion. (Barry p.640)

Ashley, Capt.______, 1849? Chariton, MO. At Red Vermillion on Oregon Trail. (Reid p.41)

Ash Point Cemetery, ctr. NE 1/4 S8 T2S R11E. (1887 Nemaha County Atlas)

Banks, William b 1811, d 1895, bur. Forest City MO Cemetery; Prop. of Banks' Ferry 1844-56?. (Lewin p.16)

Barry Cemetery on Ft. Riley/Ft. Kearny road at mouth of Madison Creek. Abraham Barry, who settled here in 1855, surveyed the site of Batcheller (Milford) and other nearby areas. Abraham Barry was bur. c1870. Cemetery was relocated c1965 when Republican River was dammed by U.S. Corps of Engineers. Misspelled "Berry" on USGS map. USGS Milford Quad., 1951 Ed.

Baughn, Melvin, b. 1836 in VA. Pony Express rider 1860-61; hanged at Seneca, KS., Sept. 18, 1868 for killing J. S. Dennis, who was trying to arrest Baughn for horse stealing. (Gray II, p.59-64)

Belmont Cemetery, NW 1/4 S21 T3S R22E, north of Wathena on St. Joseph & California road; emigrant & pioneer graves. USGS Wathena Quad.

Big Springs Cemetery. Big Springs was P.O.1856-1903, William G. Vaughan, postmaster. (KPO p. 12 & 177) USGS Perry Quad.

Bishop,_______, d May 12, 1844, at Wolf River (or Mosquito Creek?) crossing of St. Joseph & Calif. road; bur. in Mission Cem. Member of Cornelius Gilliam Co. (Barry p.508 & Parrish p.7)

Black Jack & Old Black Jack Cemeteries. Town of Black Jack platted 1 m. northwest in 1858. Black Jack was P.O.1858-95, Algernon F. Powell, postmaster. USGS Edgerton Quad. (KPO p. 13 & 177)

Blanton, Joseph, d May 13, 1846 near mouth of Honey" Creek, 3 m. west of Thompson-Hamey's Ferry (present Corning, MO) Morgan mistakenly identifies Iowa Point as the ferry locaion. (Morgan p. 150 & Lewin, July 1994)

Boismenue, Nicholas, d Apr. 29, bur. Apr. 30, 1849 on left bank of Big Blue River at Marysville, KT. Col. Vital Jarrot's St. Clair Mining Co." from Illinois. (Barry p. 826)

Boone, Daniel Morgan, d July 13, 1839 at Westport, MO. (Barry p.374)

Boone, Sarah Griffin (Lewis), d June 19, 1850 at Westport; wife of Daniel Morgan Boone.(Barry p.374)

Bosco, John & Jane, d Aug. 29 & 28, 1846, respectively, at Council Grove, KT. Mormon Battalion. These graves were enclosed with a 7 x 10 ft. stone wall filled with earth according to Azariah Smith, Aug. 30, 1846. (Barry p.633)

Bridger, James "Jim", (1804-81) Mount Washington Cem., Independence, MO. Originally buried on his farm 2-1/2 m. north of Little Santa Fe; body moved in 1904. (Simmons, p.45)

Brown,______, d. May 13, 1852, son of John Brown, "buried on the right hand side of the road on the east side of the creek under a white oak tree" at crossing of S. Fork Nemaha River (future Baker's Ford). (Mattes, p.342 & Lewin, p.34)

Browning, _________, d July 6, 1844, on Little Blue River approximately 78 m. beyond Cottonwood Creek on Oregon & Calif. road. A member of Andrew Sublette's party. (Barry p.513 & Calif. Hist. Soc. Quarterly v.4, p.324)

Burials at Diamond Spring, Jan. 1847. Two men frozen to death, found by Capt. _______ Murphy. (Barry p. 663)

Butler, G_______, d. May 13, 1849 (at S. Fork Nemaha River?), bur. May 14 "top of high hill" with inscribed headboard. (Reported by Wm. J. Watson, Journal of an Overland Journey to Oregon...1849," p.4)

Butley, David, d. Aug. 1844. Engraved headstone located on Chris Aeschilmann farm near Sabetha (1916). SE 1/4 S29 T1S R14E? (Tennal, p.41)

Campbell, Pvt. Aaron J., d July 20, 1847, 1st Ill. Vol. Inf., on Santa Fe Trail at "Pool creek." (Prairie Chicken Creek?) (Barry p. 701)

Capioma Cemetery; pioneer & emigrant? graves. Capioma was a P.O.1857-1906, David P. Magill, postmaster. USGS Woodlawn Quad. (KPO p.21 & 209) J.W. Graham, a Union Army veteran, began his medical practice at Capioma in 1868. He married Alma, dau. of N.H. Rising of nearby Log Chain. They moved to Wetmore on the Central Branch Railroad in 1869, where Dr. Graham became Wetmore's first mayor. Five children; Dr. Graham was still living in 1930. (Seneca Courier-Tribune 1938 Anniv. Edition)

Carson, Pvt. Nehemiah, d July 13, 1846, bur. at Pawnee Rock. Doniphan's Reg't. (Barry p.618)

Castle, Judson, of Granville, Licking County, Ohio, d May 16, 1852, 84 m. west of St. Joseph. Castle's brother-in-law, Wm. Cornell, erected an engraved stone marker and reported three other cholera deaths in the vicinity on the same day. Probably near Baker's Ford on S. Fork Nemaha River. (Oreg. Hist. Q. v.79, p.371)

Chaffee, Joseph, d May 25, 1849, 3 m. west of junction of roads from Independence and St. Joe." Perhaps 0.5 m. n.w. of Cottonwood Creek? (Mattes p.141)

Chalk(mound) Cemetery. Chalk(mound) was a P.O.1873-1907, William Brewer, 1st postmaster. USGS Alta Vista SE Quad. (KPO p.23 & 235)

Chavez, Antonio Jose, murdered Apr. 7?, 1843 at Jarvis" Creek on S.F. Trail several miles east of present Lyons. (Barry, p.468-9)

Chick, William M., d Apr. 7, 1847 at Kansas, MO. Merchant at Westport, 1836, and Kansas (City), 1844. (Barry p.669)

Chutheson, I.P.W., of St. Louis, d June 29, 1844, beyond Big Blue crossing. Noted by Wm. Findley, an emigrant from St. Joseph, on June 2, 1845, who had crossed the Big Blue and intercepted the Oregon Trail from Independence on May 31, 1845. Member of Andrew Sublette's party. (Barry p.513 & 540)

Clark, John Hawkins, d. Dec. 26, 1900 at Fancy Creek, Clay Co., KS. He led a party of 20 men from Cincinnati to Calif. in 1852. (Root p.264)

Clark, Nathaniel, d May 10, 1849 at Wolf River crossing east of Iowa/Sac & Fox Mission, Doniphan Co. (Barry p.851)

Claytonville Cemetery. Claytonville was 1st county seat of Brown County, and a P.O.1857-82, Geo. Clayton, postmaster. USGS Hiawatha Quad. (KPO p.26 & 162)

Clement, Adam, d May 7, 1849, bur. 20 m. from Independence on Santa Fe Road." Lone Elm vicinity? (Mattes, p. 143)

Clough, Pvt._______, d Aug. 14, 1844, and bur. Aug. 15 on "Clough Creek" (S. Fork of Wolf River). Member of Maj. Clifton Wharton's expedition to the Pawnee villages. (KHC v.16 p.275)

Colburn, Norris, d Mar. 1847 at Hickory Point, Douglas Co. Murdered by Sac & Fox Indians. (Barry p.688)

Collins, Pvt. John W., 1st Ill. Vol. Inf., d July 13, 1847 at Lone Elm on S.F. Trail. (Barry p.701)

Comstock, Mrs. _____, dates variously given as 1842, 1844 and 1852; bur. Wolf River Cemetery. USGS Sparks Quad. (Bird p.35; Gray I-29 & II-16)

Cottonwood Grove Cemetery at Little Arkansas Crossing of S.F. Trail. Soldiers, killed by Indians; bodies have been removed to Ft. Leavenworth. (Simmons p.92)

Courter/Ritchey Cemetery: Pioneer & emigrant graves. USGS Troy Quad. (Lewin p.23)

Cummings, Enoch d. aft.1900 at Clay Center, KS. Driver on Butterfield Overland Mail 1858, Kansas Stage Co. 1860 & Overland Stage Co. 1862-65. (Root p.280)

Dorion, Paul, b 1808, d. on Iowa/Sac & Fox Reservation in Doniphan Co., according to tradition. Son of Pierre & Marie Dorion who accompanied Wilson Price Hunt and the Astorians to the Columbia River in 1811.

Dougherty, John H., d Oct. 28, 1846, on S.F. Trail 25 m. east of Arkansas River Crossing. Killed in battle with Pawnee Indians. (Barry p. 652-53)

Easley, Pvt. Robert, 1st Ill. Vol. Inf., d Aug. 5, 1847 at Pawnee Fork on S.F. Trail. (Barry p.701)

Elm Creek Cemetery. Elm Creek was a P.O. 1874-93, John Lockwood, postmaster. USGS Blue Rapids NE Quad. (KPO p.39 & 204)

Emigrant Burials 1844 at S. Fork of Nemaha River; two members of Cornelius Gilliam's Co.; one was a child. (Barry p.509 & KHC v.16 p.277) Lt. J. Henry Carleton, who accompanied Wharton's expedition says the adult's grave was encountered several miles east of the South Fork, perhaps near the crossing of Muddy (Locknane's) Creek. He mistakenly believed it to be the grave of "Gen." Gilliam's wife. (Carleton, p.27-28)

Emigrant Burials 1849 at Wolf River crossing of St. Joseph & Calif. road. Five burials, one of which was later removed to Savannah, MO. On John Etherton farm, 1905. (Gray I-34)

Emigrant Burials 1849 at Great Nemaha Subagency, May 15: Theodore Jones, John Newbower & John Tatlow of Marion co., MO, & Samuel Muldrow of Ralls co. (Barry p.862)

Emigrant Burials 1850 on St. Joseph & Calif. road. May 17: John Herlinger "on branch of Wolf River," (Hiawatha vicinity?) May 21-22: Three cholera deaths (Elm Creek?) May 21: John & Thomas Walker, of Illinois (bros.), about 1 m. west of Big Blue River, reported by John Stauder, May 23, 1850. (Barry p.929-30)

Emigrant Burials 1852 from Elias J. Perry's Passenger Train, on St. Joseph & Calif. road. May 13: James McKinney, Duncan Gilchrist, Chas. Kelsey & J.J. Pearce; (S. Fork Nemaha River). May 14: Thomas Sneed & John McCalister; (Clear Creek?); May 15: Mrs.______Dawson & (Thomas?) Bedford (Elm Creek?). (Barry p.1070)

Emigrant Burials, May 10, 1852 "2 m. west of Iowa/Sac & Fox Mission." (On Mission Creek?) Six members of the Fowler family from Virginia? bur. in common grave by Theodore Potter's Co. Adeline Fowler went to Mission for help on May 10,and died May 15. (Barry p.1090-91)

Emigrant Burials south of Bendena, S2 & S3 T4S R19E. (Francis Burbridge)

Emigrant Burials at Westmoreland on Oregon Trail. Grave at Scott Spring, three graves on East Armer St., and child's grave NW corner of E 1/2 of SE 1/4 S4 T8S R9E, also 3 graves SE corner of NE 1/4 S4 T8S R9E, which were removed c1880. (KHC v.17, p.447-8)

Emigrant Grave SW1/4 S4 T7S R9E on Oregon Trail south of Blaine, KS. (KHC v.17, p.449)

Emigrant Graves S32 T2S R20E on Quentin Herring farm. Shallow graves discovered by Sam Herring, (Quentin's grandfather); land has remained uncultivated. (Gateway Chapter OCTA;, Mar. 13, 1993)

Emigrant Grave, May 10, 1852, 15 m. west of Cedar Creek Campground on a "muddy slew" (perhaps 1.0 m. west of Hiawatha?). Reported by Wm. Cornell. (Oregon Hist. Q. v.79, p.368)

Emigrant Graves: 2 Children, May 28, 1846. North side of Cottonwood Creek (14 m. from mouth of Alcove Spring Creek). A stone marker with date on one grave; a wooden cross on the other. One was a son of Judge Josiah Morin, capt. of George Harlan's Party. Reported by Edwin Bryant, June 1, 1846. (Bryant, p.67)

Emigrant Grave, d May, 1849 at Shunganunga Creek on Oregon Trail. Reported by Henry J. Shombre, May 11, 1849. (Barry p. 861)

Emigrant Grave, Clear Creek campground (northeast of present Blair?) Doniphan County. Reported by John Hawkins Clark, May 7, 1852. (KHQ v.11, p.234)

Emigrant Grave May 1849. (North) Elm Creek Campground, St. Joseph & Calif. road. Three men from Illinois buried in one grave. Reported by Elza Armstrong and John Edwin Banks on May 17, and Vincent Geiger on May 19, 1849. (Lewin p. 41)

Emigrant Grave. d May, 1849 of cholera. Silver Lake vicinity? Wm. F. Davis/David B. Wood's Company. (Barry p. 861)

Emigrant Graves 1852 at Baker's Ford, S. Fork Nemaha River. 8 graves in a cluster on east side of river; 11 new graves, three buried in one hole from Perry's Train" west side of crossing. Probably included four emigrants identified by B". Reported by John Clark of Virginia on May 13, 1852. (Lewin p.34)

Evergreen Cemetery near emigrant campsite on Walnut Creek.. USGS Hanover SE Quad.

Ft. Riley Cemetery. Unmarked graves of 1855 cholera victims, including Maj. Ogden and wives of Majors Wood and Armistead. Maj. Ogden's body was removed to Unadilla, NY. Nov. 1, 1855.Deaths were estimated at 75 to 100 civilian and military personnel. A stone monument was erected for Maj. Ogden nearby in 1855 (KHC v.6, p.104 & 110)

Franklin Cemetery. Franklin was a P.O.1855-67, Samuel Crane, Jr., postmaster. USGS Lawrence East Quad. (KPO p. 47 & 177)

Fuller, John, d Apr. 28, 1849 of accidental gunshot wound at Alcove Spring on Oregon & Calif. road. G.W. Paul's Party. (Barry p.846)

Gallimore, Dr. & Mrs. John, at Uniontown, present Shawnee Co.. She d June 4, 1849; he d June 12/13, 1849. (Barry p.864)

Graham, John, d Mar. 21, 1847, at Big Blue River crossing of St. Joseph & Calif. road. Reported by John Edwin Banks, May 19, 1849. (Barry p.845)

Graham, Mary (Mrs. Chas.), d July 9, 1847 present Kansas City, KS. Wife of Wyandot Gov't. blacksmith. (Barry p. 702)

Granada Cemetery. Pleasant Spring P.O.1856-64, David M. Locknane, postmaster. Name later changed to Granada. USGS Wetmore Quad. (KPO p. 52 & 209; KHQ v.25, p.371)

Green Cemetery NE 1/4 S23 T11S R13E at Uniontown. Contains approx. fifty unmarked graves of 1849 cholera victims. Enclosed by stone wall with gate facing east toward old trail. (Barry p.738 & 1957 statement by Ernest Ray Green) USGS Willard Quad.

Guittard Cemetery S4 T1S R9E. Eleven marked graves. Geo.& Madeline (Thomann) Guittard d. 1924, bur. in Beattie Union Cemetery. Guittard was a P.O.1861-1900, Xavier Guittard, postmaster. (Nebr. Historical Quarterly, v.66 p.191 & KPO p.54 & 204) USGS Axtell NW Quad.

Hagin,_______1849? At Red Vermillion crossing of Oregon Trail. (Reid p.41)

Hart Cemetery, center S20 T1S R17E. Thomas & Nancy Hart were proprietors of Halfway House" in 1856 on the Old Government Road" from St. Joseph to Nebraska City 1 mile s.e. of Reserve, KT.

Hays, Seth (1811-73) Greenwood Cem., Council Grove. (Simmons, p.85)

Hooper, Parker A., d Apr. 1861 at Hooper's Ford of Wolf River on Council Bluffs Trail; murdered by John Cummings. (Gray II, p.74)

Higgins, John H., d July 21, 1867; killed by Indians on Oak Creek at Higgins Bluff", NE corner of Osborne County. (Waconda Land, p.16).

Hughes, Pvt. Arthur E., d July 15, 1846 on Pawnee Fork, Doniphan's Regiment. (Barry p.618)

Hunt, Pvt. Samuel, d Sept. 11, 1835, age 23. Bur. just west of Dragoon Creek crossing of Santa Fe Trail; Col. Henry Dodge's 1st Dragoons. (Barry p.294)

(Old) Huron Cemetery. Old Huron was a P.O. 1857, Amaziah Moore, postmaster. Located at crossing of Little Grasshopper Creek. Station in 1859 on Pikes Peak Express and in 1862-65 on the Overland Stage Co. Town relocated about 2 m. north when railroad was built. USGS Lancaster Quad. (KPO p.62 & 159)

Indian Raid, May 9, 1870. Killed: Wm. H. Kenyon, John Gear and Solomon Miser, south side of Solomon River opposite mouth of Limestone Creek; bur. May 10. (Waconda Land, p.37).

Ingraham,________1849? from Tennessee. Between Rock Creek and Black Vermillion crossing of Oregon Trail. (Reid p.43)

Iola Cemetery, NW corner S33 T2S R20E. Iola was a trading post c1856 about 1 m. west of Wolf River crossing of St. Joseph & California Rd. USGS Sparks Quad.

Iowa/Sac & Fox Mission Cemetery. Thought to be under a barn which was erected on cemetery site. (IDC p.17)

Irvin, Rev. Samuel M., d 1887, Supt. of Iowa/Sac & Fox Presb. Mission1837-63. Mrs. Irvin d. 1886; both bur. Highland Cemetery. (IDC p.8-9)

Jayhawker Deaths in Doniphan County Bob Ridley (an alias) killed by Isaac Tallman at Troy Jan. 1862. Whitehead" (an alias) shot by William Warren at Troy Jan. 28, 1862. Ridley & Whitehead had stollen property from Tallman's house at Cottonwood Springs. Ridley is buried in Wolf River Cemetery at Bayne's Crossing. Whitehead was transported to Cold Spring where he died 3 weeks later and is buried in the Wood Cemetery west of Troy W 1/4 S15 T3S R20E). Chas. Pitcher killed by Frank Brown at Iowa Point in Mar. 1863. Pitcher was a member of a gang terrorizing Brown's family. Brown was accused of returning escaped slaves to Missouri. Gray II, p.64-65)

Johnson, Rev. William, d Apr. 10, 1842, age 37. Kansa Methodist missionary. (Barry p.445)

Jones Cemetery is about 2 m. east of Canton on the Santa Fe Trail. It contains the grave of Ed Miller, killed by Indians in 1865. USGS Canton Quad.

Kennekuk Cemetery, Southwest corner S35 T4 R17. Pioneer & emigrant graves. Kennekuk was a P.O.1857-1900, William P. Hess, 1st postmaster. USGS Everest Quad. (KPO p.67 & 159)

Kenyon Cemetery, Mt. Roy, Brown Co. (founded by Thomas Kenyon, J. P. , 1857) USGS Highland NW Quad. Ketchum, _______, d June 28? (30?), 1844, bur. on Ketchum's Creek, or Ten Mile Branch (of Walnut Creek?) on Oregon Trail about 10 m. from Independence crossing of Big Blue River. Member of Andrew Sublette's party. (Calif. Hist. Soc. Quarterly, v.4 p.322 & Parrish p.13)

Keyes, Sarah, d May 1846, age 70 (75?) at Alcove Spring, bur. on hillside northwest of spring. Mother-in-law of James Frazier Reed. Headstone still in place in 1930 (?). The stone marker was returned to the Marysville Advocate" in July, 1994. by an unidentified person. (Barry p.846 & KHQ v.5 p.211)

Kirk, William, of Franklin Co., Ill. Reported by Jonah Girard Cisne on Apr. 23, 1860, apparently between Robidoux (Vermillion) Creek and Marysville. (Colo. Mag. v.27 p.51)

Lafayette Cemetery, SW corner of SE1/4 S14 T2S R20E. Lafayette was a P.O.1857-71, Henry C. Lott (Lett?) 1st postmaster. (Francis Burbridge; KPO p.70 & 163)

Lancaster Cemetery. Lancaster P.O. 1858-63. USGS Lancaster Quad.

Lancaster, ________, d May 21, 1842 at Little Wakarusa? Infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Columbia Lancaster, Elijah White's Party. (Barry p.448)

Lecompton Cemetery. Lecompton was a P.O.1855-__, Geo. W. Taylor 1st postmaster. USGS Perry Quad. (KPO 72 & 177)

Leslie, Sgt. Augustus, d July 23. 1846 at Cimarron Crossing of Arkansas River; buried 4 m. west of crossing on S.F. Trail. Kearny's Army of the West." (Barry p. 621)

Life Cemetery, at Lower Robidoux Crossing southwest of Beattie. Life and Goins families were pioneer settlers in this area. USGS Beattie Quad. (KHQ v.18, p.160)

Lodiana Cemetery on Santa Fe Trail 7 m. west of Little Arkansas River. Lodiana P.O. 1872-80, Joseph Porter, postmaster. (USGS Lyons SE Quad.)

"Love's Defeat" June 26, 1847 at Coon Creek (near Garfield, Pawnee Co., KS) on Santa Fe trail. Five (or seven?) dragoons killed in battle with 250/300 Comanches & Mexicans. Killed were Pvts.______Arlidge, John Dickhart. ____Short, Geo. Gaskill & J. H. Blake. (Barry p.694)

Lykins, Delilah (McCoy) d Sept. 23, 1844, at Pott. Baptist Mission, Franklin Co. (Barry p.527)

Marshall, James H., d June 27, 1844 at Black Vermillion crossing of Oregon & Calif. road. Bernard J. Reid, May 29, 1849, described the grave as being on the west side "with a cross...on a beautiful and commanding eminence--at sunset against the sky." Member of Andrew Sublette's party. (Barry p.513, Calif. Hist. Soc. Quarterly v.4 p.319 & Reid p.43)

Marshall, S. M., of Wadesboro, KY, d May 27, 1849 and bur. NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 S21 T7S R9E, north of Westmoreland, on Baldwin Creek. Engraved stone marker at KSHS, Topeka. (Barry p.845)

Mastin, Thomas of Maine, d. 13 May 1853; bur. 1 m. west of Marysville on Willow Creek. (John G. Ellenbecker)

McCloud _______, killed bef. 1855, northwest of Sabetha at head of Deer Creek. (Matthais Strahm farm, 1916) McCloud was returning from California and was followed and murdered; the murderer afterwards claiming that he had mistaken McCloud's identity. S 1/2 SE 1/4 SD20 T1S R14E? (Tennal, p. 40 & 61)

McGuire, ______, d June 23, 1847 at Walnut Creek on S.F. Trail (killed by Indians). (Barry p.688)

Mercer, Cynthia (Burr), d Sept. 11, 1840, age 33 and bur. on a hill southeast of Ritchel Crossing of Pottawatomie Creek. (Barry p.416-17)

Merrill, Rev. Moses, d Feb. 6, 1840, at Otoe Baptist Mission (Nebr.) (Barry p.389)

Millen, William, d May 17, 1849 of cholera 2 m. east of Lone Elm Campground on S.F. Trail from Independence. (Reid p.35)

Miller, Ed., killed by Indians in 1865, age 18. Buried about 2 m. east of Canton on S.F. Trail.

Missouri Volunteers, Lt. Col. Alton R. Easton, in battle with Comanches in eastern Ford Co.. Eight killed: William Duncan, Francis Turcott, Ludwick Tanner, Jacob Johnson, Valentine Regg, Henry Barlow, Philander Porter, and Charles Fuss. Bur. in common grave. (Barry p.705)

Morin, _______. d June 27, 1846, son of Judge Josiah Morin, capt. of the George Harlan Party. Edwin Bryant called him Judge Bowlin, and he was known as Moreland, Moore" etc. by other members of the 1846 migration. (Dale Morgan, p.209, quoting Geo. McKinstry)

Moore, C. H., of Milford, Ill., May 1850 at Grasshopper Creek (present Delaware River), 50 m. from Weston, MO on Ft. Leav./Ft. Laramie Military Rd. (Barry p.928)

Mormon Cemetery at Mormon Grove, Atchison Co. The 1855-56 emigrant parties of the LDS church were organized here for the trip to Salt Lake City. Contains at least 50 unmarked graves. Names of 8 persons have been recorded: ______Gubler, David & Peter Harrick, Wm. Parker, b. in England; Mary Rudd Twigg, b. in Wales (41 yrs. old) Emily, John & George Twigg, 14, 10 & 7 yrs. respectively. All deaths in 1855. SW corner of NE 1/4 S5 T6S R20E. (Disc. Mormon Trails, 1979, p.33)

Mormon Cemetery? On hilltop east of Scandia, Republic Co. Contains 19 graves of a Mormon party killed by Indians according to local tradition. (WPA Kansas, p.317)

Mormon Burials at Murphy Lake, approx. 1 m. southeast of Baker's Ford; near mouth of Deer Creek. According to pioneer tradition, a party of Mormons wintered here in 1853-54.. They drained Murphy Lake (an ox-bow lake ) to catch fish for food. Several died, but graves have been obliterated; grave stones said to have been used in a barn foundation. (Seneca Courier-Tribune 1938 Annv. Ed.) Mrs. Posey.W. Cox, dau. of Eli & Eliza Williams, was 9 yrs. old when her parents settled on Deer Creek n.w. of Oneida in 1855. "We saw many Mormons passing us...They drained what we called Murphy Lake in the month of Aug. 1855. They...caught and ate the fish. Forty in the party died. They were buried near the lake. Many of them had cholera. I saw clothing that was torn off the dead, three or four months after the Mormons left." (Tennal, p.61)

Mosquito Creek Cemetery NW 1/4 S31 T1S R22E near Mosquito Creek Campground on St. Joseph & Calif. road. Daniel Graves' farm, 1856-87. Emigrant & pioneer graves. (Francis Burbridge)

Moss Springs Cemetery, on Ft. Riley & 110 Creek (Mormon) road. Moss Springs was a P.O.1872-95, John Houtz 1st postmaster. USGS White City NE Quad. (KPO p. 87 & 184)

Nichols, E. P. Teddy", d c1890. bur. Rochester Cem.. Driver for Kansas Stage Co., COC&PP Express, and Overland Stage Co. (Root, p. 288-89)

Niles, Capt. Franklin, d July 24, 1847, at One Hundred Ten Creek (Barry p.701).

Old Home Cemetery on St. Joseph & Calif. Rd. at intersection of Smith Creek road and road from St. Joseph. USGS; Troy Quad.

Park, Dr. Edmund C., d May 27, 1849 on S.F. Trail east of Council Grove. (Barry p. 859)

Phelps, Pvt. Alva, d Sept. 16, 1846 at Arkansas River Crossing of S.F. Trail; Mormon Battalion. (Barry p. 633)

Pilcher, ________, d Feb. 20?, 1847 at Turkey Creek on S.F. Trail. Buried at Cottonwood River. (Barry p. 665)

Pioneer Burials at Lost Spring, Santa Fe Trail. Fourteen graves, 9 of which are cowboys who perished in a blizzard with their entire herd. (KHC v.14 p.143)

Pioneer Cemetery, southwest of Lawrence. Contains graves of many of the first settlers of Douglas County. USGS Lawrence W Quad.

Pleasant Hill (Harris) Cemetery 1870, SW corner E 1/2 NW 1/4 S20 T4S R13E. USGS Goff Quad. (Not shown )

Powers, A______, of Peoria County, Ill., d May 20, 1850, & bur. about 65 m. west of St. Joseph (Sabetha vicinity?). (Wash. Hist. Q. v.1, p.51)

Polke, Robert, d May 26, 1843; Pottawatomie trader. (Barry p.479)

(Old) Powhattan Cemetery. Old Powhattan was a P.O. 1857-67, Russell S. Newell, postmaster, located about 4 miles northeast of Wetmore. Post office was relocated to Wetmore in 1867. Another town of the same name was located about 10 m. northeast when the Rock Island Railroad was constructed. Wm. Connelley's map of the Lane Trail in KHC v.13, p.275 has confused old" and new" Powhattan. USGS Wetmore Quad. (KPO p. 104 & 209)

Prairie Center Cemetery on Oregon Trail. Prairie Center was a P.O.1872-1902, David Vestal 1st postmaster. USGS Eudora Quad. (KPO p. 104 & 194)

Prairie City Cemetery. Prairie City was a P.O.1856-78, John R. Winton 1st postmaster. USGS Baldwin City Quad. (KPO p. 104 & 178)

Prather, T.S., d May 27, 1849, at Red Vermillion Crossing of Oregon & Calif. road. May have been one of six deaths in a party of seven from Tennessee who died on this date from cholera. Engraved stone marker still in place. (Barry p.845)

Reynolds, Maj. William W., d Oct./Sept. 1848 at Ft. Mann, Third Regt. Missouri Vols. (Barry p.778)

Robidoux, Isadore, brother of Joseph Robidoux, Sr., age 60, d. May 30, 1852 near Big Blue River, Nebraska Territory. (Present Marshall County?) (Barry p.1100)

Rochester Cemetery. Rochester was on the Ft. Leav./Ft. Riley Military Rd. at the junction with Lane's Trail in 1856. USGS Topeka Quad.

Roche, Pvt. E______. d July 21, 1866; killed by Indians on Twin Creek and buried SW corner S31 T7S R11W. present Osborne County. (Waconda Land p.16)

Roots Cemetery, SW 1/4 S2 T4S R12E. Geo. F. Roots settled on Illinois Creek in 1856. USGS Corning Quad.

Ross, R. T., d May 28, 1846 west of Pawnee Fork on S.F. Trail; killed by Indians. (Barry p.589)

Round Prairie Cemetery. Plum Grove was a station on the Overland Stage in 1862-5. Name later changed to Round Prairie. Dandridge Holladay, son of Ben Holladay was first postmaster of Plum Grove in 1862. USGS Oak Mills Quad. (KPO p.103 & 159)

Roush(i), Henry, of Illinois d May 8, 1849; bur. NW 1/4 S32 T8S R9E, on south bank of Boxelder Creek, Oregon & Calif. road. Fragment of engraved stone marker at KSHS, Topeka. (Barry p.845)

Roy, John Baptiste, d. Nov. 1859; interpreter for Iowa Indians; trading post and ferry on Big Nemaha River (White Cloud "Chief" 1 Dec. 1859)

St. Marys Mission Cemetery. St. Marys Mission was a P.O.1855-78, Luther P. Palmer, 1st postmaster. Name changed to St. Marys. USGS St. Marys Quad. (KPO p. 113 & 217)

Simonds, Capt. Moses H., d July 25, 1847 at or near Council Grove. (Barry p.697)

Sinclair, Charles M., d May 30, 1849, west bank of Black Vermillion on Oregon & Calif. Road. (Barry p.862 & Reid p.44)

Smith, Con, d Irving, KS aft.1900. Driver for Butterfield Overland Mail 1858, COC&PP Express, and Overland Stage Co. (Root p.293-94)

Smith, Jedediah, d Sept. 27, 1831 near Wagon Bed Spring, Grant Co. KS. (Barry p.202)

Smithton Cemetery, SW 1/4 S28 T2S R22E. Smithton was platted 1855 where the road from Savannah Landing (Boston) ascended Smith Creek. Smithton P.O.1855-58, Alfred F. Barnett, postmaster. USGS Wathena Quad. (KPO p. 119 & 177)

Snow, I. H., at Big Blue River crossing of St. Joseph & Calif. road. "Here lies a Catholic." Reported by John Edwin Banks and J. Elza Armstrong on May 19, 1849. (Barry p.844)

Soldier Burials (2) d Feb. 10?, 1847 on S.F. Trail near Council Grove. Volunteers, one....with 'D.B." on canteen." Reported by Boggs-Seymour Party. (Barry p.663)

Steamboat Cemetery SW 1/4 S19 T2S R21E at mouth of Mosquito Creek Riverboat deaths, especially from contagious disease, were buried at first available landing site. (Francis Burbridge)

Steen, Mrs. Mary, d Sept. 8, 1849, wife of Bvt. Maj. Enoch Steen, 1st Dragoons, at Ft. Leavenworth. (Barry p.887)

Sterling, Ed. Sandy", d May 20, 1895 at Seneca, KS. Overland Stage driver 1860-69. (Root p.278-79)

Sutherland, "Gen." Thomas Jefferson, d Sept., 1850 at Iowa/Sac & Fox Presbyterian Mission, Doniphan Co. Bur. in Mission Cemetery. Sutherland was instrumental in promotion of Kansas/Nebraska Bill. (IDC p.17)

Teamster Burials, June 1852 at Muddy Creek, present Nemaha County on Ft. Leav./Ft. Laramie Rd. Seven deaths including a child of Mr. Burnam, wagonmaster for Holladay, Hughes & Co. freight train from Weston to Salt Lake City. (Barry p. 1096)

Teamster Burials 1855 at Juniata west side of Big Blue River. Three graves, containing 6 Army? teamsters who died from cholera. (LCD p.26)

Terrett, Capt. Burdett A., 1st Dragoons, d (accidentally) Mar. 17, 1845 at Ft. Scott. (Barry p.536)

Thierer Cemetery, NW 1/4 S20 T10S R7E. Jacob Thierer who settled here in 1855. Andrew Mead, a member of the Hartford Co. & 1st mayor of Manhattan: Our route from the mission (St. Mary's) was by the old military road crossing the Blue at Juniata, and the only building seen or now remembered between the Big Blue and Pawnee was the house of Jacob Thiere(r). (Barry p.772)

Thompson, Eliza, d.1884, age 20. On Juniata & Flush road (perhaps a cut-off of Ft. Leavenworth & Ft. Riley road) north of Lake Elbo. Engraved headstone exists.

Trowbridge, Oliver, d May 17, 1849 of cholera; bur. 2 m. east of Lone Elm Campground. (Reid p. 35)

Tyler Cemetery, NW1/4 S9 T3S R15E. Pioneer & Emigrant? graves. Tyler's P.O. 1864-78, John S. Tyler, postmaster. USGS Fairview Quad. (KPO p. 130 & 163)

Ununda Cemetery, SW 1/4 S21 T2S R18E. Ununda was a post office 1864-71, Giles Chipman, postmaster. At head of Roy's Creek near Prairie Springs Campground. USGS Robinson Quad. (KPO p. 130 & 163)

Vickery Cemetery southwest of Syracuse near St. Joseph & Pottawatomie road. Wm. Vickery kept store at Syracuse in early 1860s. Mislabeled "Victory Cem." on USGS Bendena Quad. (Bird, p.76)

Vinton Cemetery. Vinton was a P.O. 1870-88, Geo. M. Walker, 1st postmaster. On north boundary of Ft. Riley where the original Ft. Riley & Ft. Kearny road left the military reservation. USGS Ft. Riley NE Quad. (KPO p.133 & 222)

Waldo, David, Woodlawn Cem., Independence, MO. (Simmons, p.44)

Wharton, Lt. Col. Clifton, d July 13, 1848, age 46 at Ft. Leavenworth; post commander since 1844. (Barry p.765)

Whitehead, Capt. James?, formerly of Belmont, d Sept. 1865 at Kennekuk. (White Cloud "Chief", 14 Sept. 1865)

Williams' Cemetery on Deer Creek. Eli & Eliza Williams from Atchison Co., Mo., settled here in 1855. NW 1/4 S33 T1S R13E. USGS Bern Quad.

Wilmington Cemetery on Santa Fe Trail. Wilmington was a P.O.1857-1906, Ogilvie H. Sheldon, 1st postmaster. USGS Miller Quad. (KPO p.139 & 235)

Wilson, ______, d May 1860, Ash Point, Nemaha County; killed by Moses Blanchett in argument over Oketo Cut-Off.; bur. Ash Point Cemetery? (KHQ v.3 p.143)

Wilson, Grandison R., d May 2, 1862 at Walnut Grove, Doniphan Co. Killed by a squad of 13th Kansas Vol. Inf. Wilson had successfully defended his family from Jayhawkers, but had incurred the wrath of anti-slavery forces. (Gray II, p.54-56)

Wilson, Samuel, d mid-May 1849 of cholera, 75 m. west of St. Joseph. (Sabetha Vicinity?) Member of St. Joseph Mining Co. (a pack train). (Barry p. 839)

Wood, H. A., of Buncombe, N.C., d. May 26, 1849, probably at Red Vermillion Crossing of Oregon & California Road. (John Evans Brown, Memoirs of an American Gold Seeker, p.11)

Woodson,__________1849? from Kentucky. At Rock Creek Crossing of Oregon & Calif. road. (Reid p.43)

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