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American Chief, Kansa chief, d Fall of 1845? (Barry p.564)

Ash-kum, Jacques, chief of Wabash Pottawatomies, d Sept. 10, 1840, Sugar Creek Settlement, Linn co. (Barry p.416)

Beauchemie, Rev. Mackinaw, d May 12, 1848 at Pottawatomie Methodist Mission on Pottawatomie Creek. (Barry p.749)

Bourbonnais, Peter, d 1861, platform burial in Indian cemetery on Bourbonnais Creek 2 m. east of St. Marys Mission. (Barry p.802)

Burnett, Abraham, d June 14, 1870, Pottawatomie Indian, bur. in cemetery in NW 1/4 S17 T12S R15E, Shawnee Co., KS. Body removed to Oklahoma c1915. USGS Silver Lake Quad. (Barry p.467)

Chippewa Indian Cemetery abt. 6 m. east of Ottawa on hill above Marais des Cygnes River. (WPA Kansas, p.486)

Driver, Francis, d Jan. 24, 1847; Wyandot Indian, bur. Huron National Cem., Kansas City, KS. (Barry p.662)

Ducote, _______, d Dec. 25, 1842, at Great Nemaha Subagency, Doniphan Co., KS. (Barry p.465)

Fool Chief, Kansa head chief, d Jan. 28, 1845, bur. Shawnee, Johnson Co., KS. Killed by,Wa-ho-ba-ke, a fellow tribesman. (Barry p. 534)

Greyeyes, Doctor, d Aug., 1845; bur. Huron National Cem., Kansas City, KS. Wyandot head man. (Barry p.561)

Hard Fish, Sac & Fox chief, b c1800; d July, 1851 & bur. in Agency Cem., SE 1/4 of NW 1/4 S16 T17S R18E. (Barry p.1029)

Jacquis, Henry, d Jan. 5, 1848, Wyandot Indian; bur Huron National Cem., Kansas City, KS. (Barry p. 731)

Kack-Kack, Pottawatomie chief, d Feb. 16, 1907, age 85, bur. 1/2 m. south of his home on Soldier Creek, west of Mayetta. He planned the ambush of the Pawnee war party in 1850 on the Big Blue River north of Manhattan, KS. (KHC v.14, p.545-49)

Kennekuk, Kickapoo chief & religious leader, d early 1852 at Kickapoo, Leavenworth Co. (Barry p.1066)

Keokuk, Sac & Fox chief, d May, 1848 & bur. at Sac & Fox Agency. His remains were removed to Keokuk, IA, in 1883 and re-interred in Rand Park. (Barry p.752-53)

Ketchum, Delaware chief, bur. in Delaware Cem. at White Church, Wyandotte Co. (WPA Kansas, p.339)

La Framboise, Pottawatomie chief, bur. Silver Lake Cemetery. (WPA Kansas p. 344)

Le Clerc, Pierre, d Mar. 28,1840 at St. Mary's Mission. (Barry p. 803)

Maquakononga (or Negro Legs), Wea chief, d Sept. 23, 1835 at Wea settlement on Marais des Cygnes, Miami Co. (Barry p.296)

Munsee Cemetery, near Muncie, KS, S16 T11S R24E. (Barry p.339)

Nah-ko-min, d Mar. 1, 1848; Delaware chief, on Delaware Reserve, Wyandotte Co. (Barry p. 737)

Non-on-do-quo-mon, Delaware chief, d Nov. 11, 1842 on Delaware Reserve, Leavenworth co. (Barry p.464)

Ottawa Indian Cemetery, abt. 3 m. east of Ottawa at site of Ottawa Baptist Mission. Graves of Jotham & Eleanor Meeker and John Tecumseh "Tauy" & Jane (Kelly) Jones (missionaries); also, grave of Compehau, Ottawa chief. (WPA Kansas, p.485)

Ottowukee, Ottawa chief, d. Mar. 18, 1839 at Ottawa settlement, Franklin Co. (Barry p.845)

Papin, Pierre Melicourt, d Jul. 20, 1849 of cholera, age 56. American Fur Co. agent to Osage Indians. (Barry p. 881)

Perry, John, Shawnee chief, d Nov. 16, 1845, on Shawnee Reserve. (Barry p.566)

Sac & Fox Agency Cemetery, SE1/4 of NW1/4 S16 T17S R18E. (Barry p.753)

Shawnee Prophet, brother of Tecumseh, bur. NE 1/4 S30 T11S R25E, near White Feather Spring in a ravine bisecting Ruby Ave., in the block west of 38th St., Kansas City, KS. (Barry p.316-17)

Squeen-dehty, Wyandot chief, d Dec., 1844; bur. Huron National Cem., Kansas City, KS. (Barry p.533)

Trumble (Tremble), Tusand, Pottawatomie mix-blood, d Mar. 9, 1867, age 97; bur. Vieux Cem. (KHQ v.17 p.455)

Vieux (or Jarveau), Louis, d May 6, 1872, bur. Vieux Cem. at Red Vermillion Crossing; also contains graves of his two wives. USGS Laclede Quad. (KHQ v.17 p.454)

White Cloud II 1852, Iowa chief. Bur. beside road on Job Dutton farm, south of Iowa Point. Original burial practice of Iowa Indians was on platforms in trees. Revs. Irvin & Hamilton made the first coffin for an Iowa woman in 1841. (IDC p.122)

Wos-sa-on-u-kwut, Ottawa chief, d Jan. 10, 1840, at Ottawa Mission, Franklin Co. (Barry p.389)

Wy-lah-lah-piah, Shawnee chief, d Oct. 3, 1843, Johnson Co. (Barry p.498)

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