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The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Morris W. Werner for preparing this material.

Ft. Leavenworth 1827. Founded as "Cantonment Leavenworth"; named for Col. Henry Leavenworth.

Ft. Scott 1842-65. Located on Ft. Leavenworth and Ft. Smith Military Road; named for Gen. Winfield Scott.

Ft. Mann 1845-48. Named for Daniel P. Mann, a civilian teamster. Located on Santa Fe Trail at Cimarron Crossing of Arkansas River.

Ft. Mackay 1850-51. Named for Bvt. Col. Aeneas Mackay; re-named Ft. Atkinson. On Santa Fe Trail.

Ft. Atkinson 1850-54. Named for Col. Henry Atkinson, on S. F. Trail.

Ft. Riley 1853-. Established 1852 as "Camp Centre" at junction of Smoky Hill and Republican Rivers. Named for Col. Bennett Riley.

Ft. Larned 1859-82. On S. F. Trail at crossing of the Pawnee Fork of Arkansas River. Named for Col. Benjamin Larned, U.S. Army Paymaster General.

Ft. Zarah 1864-69. On S. F. Trail at the Great Bend of Arkansas River. Named for Zarah Curtis, dec. son of Gen. Samuel Curtis.

Ft. Ellsworth 1864. Located on Smoky Hill Trail. Named for Lt. Allen Ellsworth. (KHC v.12, p.477)

Ft. Harker 1864-73. On Smoky Hill Trail, named for Gen. Chas. G. Harker.

Ft. Dodge 1865-82. On S. F. Trail, named for Brigadier General Grenville M. Dodge.

Ft. Fletcher 1865-67, "Old Ft. Hays" on Smoky Hill Trail at Forks of Big Creek. Named for Gov. Fletcher of Missouri.

Ft. Aubry 1865-66. On S. F. Trail, named for Francis X. Aubry.

Ft. Wallace 1866-82. Established as "Camp Pond Creek" On Smoky Hill Trail, named for Gen. W.H.L. Wallace, killed at Shiloh.

Ft. Hays 1867-89. On Union Pacific Eastern Division (Kansas Pacific) Railroad. Named for Gen. Alexander Hays, killed at The Wilderness.

Ft. Sibley 1867. On Ft. Riley and Ft. Kearny Military Road. Garrisoned by Kansas State Militia for a few months during Indian threat on frontier.

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