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The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Morris W. Werner for preparing this material.

Delaware Methodist Mission 1832-37, William Johnson; Edward T. Peery, Supts. (Barry p.211)

Delaware Baptist Mission 1833-47, SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 S26 T11S R23E. Ira D. Blanchard, Supt. (Barry p.226)

Delaware Baptist Mission 1848-64, NW 1/4 S10 T11S R23E. Rev. John G. Pratt, Supt. This site shown on USGS Edwardsville Quad. (Barry p.226 & 735)

Iowa/Sac & Fox Presbyterian Mission 1837-63, Samuel M. Irvin, Supt., Doniphan Co., 2 m. east of Highland. 3 story brick and stone bldg. is maintained by Kansas State Hist. Society. (IDC p.7; Barry p.337)

Kansa Methodist Mission 1830-31, William Johnson, Supt. (Barry p.180)

Kansa Methodist Mission 1836-46, William Johnson, Supt. NW 1/4 S33 T11S R14E. (Barry p.301)

Kansa (Kaw) Methodist Mission 1850-54 at Council Grove, Thomas S. Huffaker, Supt. Two story stone bldg. is maintained by Kansas State Hist. Society. (Barry p.820 & 962)

Kickapoo Catholic Mission 1836-40, at Kickapoo Landing north of Ft. Leavenworth, Rev. Chas. F. Van Quickenborne, S.J., Supt. (Barry p.309-10 & 408)

Kickapoo Methodist Mission 1833-59, about 3 m. above Ft. Leavenworth, Jerome C. Berryman, Supt. Visited by Marcus & Narcissa Whitman, 1834. (Barry p.253-54 & 408)

Kickapoo Presbyterian Mission 1851-69 at future Horton, KS; torn down 1871. (KHQ v.23 p.120) Used as hotel in later 1850s according to Frank Root. This site has been mistakenly located 1 m. northwest of Kickapoo (Goteschall) Pony Express Station by Merrill Mattes & Paul Henderson (The Pony Express, 1989, p. 24)

Miami Catholic Mission 1848-49, W 1/2 of E 1/2 S18 T18S or AT19S R24E. Cemetery in NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 S19. (Barry p.736)

Munsee Moravian Mission 1837-1905, S14, S15 & S16 T11S R14E, at Muncie on Kansas River. Called "Westfield", Rev. Jesse Vogler, Supt. (Barry p.338)

Munsee Moravian Mission 1854-58, 3 m. south of Leavenworth at Mt. Muncie Cemetery. Called "Shekomeko". (Barry p.339)

Osage Catholic Mission 1847-70 at present St. Paul, KS, Rev. John Schoenmakers, Supt. (Barry p.681)

Ottawa Baptist Mission 1837-44, north bank of Marais des Cygnes, east of Ottawa, KS. Rev. Jotham Meeker, Supt. (Barry p.327)

Ottawa Baptist Mission 1844-55, 5 m. northeast of Ottawa, KS. Rev. Jotham Meeker, Supt. (Barry p.327)

Peoria Methodist Mission 1832-43, east of Peoria on north bank of Marais des Cygnes. Rev. James H. Slavens, Supt. (Barry p.236)

Pottawatomie Baptist Mission 1837-47, Robert Simerwell, Supt. SW 1/4 S9 T19S R21E. (Barry p.336)

Pottawatomie Baptist Mission 1848-55, Dr. Johnston Lykins, Supt. NW 1/4 S32 T11S R15E. Two story stone bldg. has been restored by Kansas State Hist. Society. (Barry p.741)

Pottawatomie Catholic Mission 1836-38, Miami Co. west of Osawatomie & 5 m. from mouth of Pottawatomie Creek. Rev. Christian Hoecken, Supt. (Barry p.356)

Pottawatomie Catholic Mission 1839-48, S12 & S13 T21S R22E. Rev. Christian Hoecken, Supt. (Barry p.364)

Pottawatomie (St. Marys) Catholic Mission 1848-69, St. Marys, KS. Rev. Christian Hoecken, Supt. (Barry p.732)

Pottawatomie Methodist Mission 1838-48 on Pottawatomie Creek near Miami/Franklin Co. line. Rev. Edward T. Peery, Supt. (Barry p.355-56)

Sac & Fox Methodist Mission 1860-66, Franklin & Osage Counties (2 locations.)

Shawnee Methodist Mission 1830-39, NE 1/4 of SW 1/4 S24 T11S R24E. Rev. Thomas Johnson, Supt. (Barry p.179)

Shawnee Methodist Mission 1839-62, SW 1/4 of S3 T12S R25E. Rev. Thomas Johnson, Supt. Three 2-story brick buildings are maintained by Kansas Historical Society. (Barry p.370)

Shawnee Methodist Mission 1851-54, Dr. Abraham Still, Supt. S8 T13S R21E. (Barry p.988-9)

Shawnee Baptist Mission 1832-35?, NE 1/4 S5 T12S R25E. Rev. Johnston Lykins, Supt. (Barry p.2054-05)

Shawnee Friends Mission 1836-69. SE 1/4 S7 T12S R25E. Moses Pearson, Supt. (Barry p.304)

Stockbridge Baptist Mission 1844-48, 3 m. south of Leavenworth at present Mt. Muncie Cemetery. Rev. John G. Pratt, Supt. (Barry p.355-56)

Wea Baptist Mission 1844-57, Wea Creek about 1 m. east of Paola. Rev. David Lykins, Supt. (Barry p.532)

Wea Presbyterian Mission 1834-38, Wea Creek, Miami Co., KT., Rev. Wells Bushnell, Supt. (Barry p.258 & 355)

Wyandot Methodist Mission 1843-55, Wyandotte Co. Rev. Edward T. Peery, Supt. (Barry p.729)

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