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Albany Hotel c1858, Albany, KT. Edwin Miller, Prop. Moved to Sabetha in 1871. (Tennal, p.103)

(Mrs.) Allen's Boarding House 1855 at Washington townsite on Oregon & Calif. Road one m. west of Big Springs. (Wid.)______Allen, Prop. Meals prepared to order. (KHC v.11 p.475)

Ash Point: Pony Express relay station 1860-61; Overland Stage Station 1862-65. P.O.1858-70, Horace Bemus, postmaster. John O'Laughlin's store; his well still exists. (KHQ v.25, p.371)

Barrett Hotel 1859, Marysville, KT, A. G. Barrett, Prop. Built from lumber cut at Barrett's Mill on the Black Vermillion. Later known as Cottrell, American and Tremont Hotel; torn down 1899. ( Root, p.528-29)

Becker Hotel 1857, St. George, KT, Augustine Becker, Prop. Stage station? (GTK p.36)

Beeler House Hotel 1860's, Iowa Point, KT. G.W. Beeler, Prop. (S&V p.200)

Bertram's Hotel 1855, St. Mary's Mission; Joseph Bertram, Prop. Bertram was interpreter for the Pottawatomie Indians. (KHC v.6 p.106)

Big Muddy Station 1860 (Burton): 25 m. west of Kennekuk at crossing of Muddy (Locknane's) Creek. Log Chain Station is on a branch of Muddy Creek 1.5 m. southwest of this site. (Nebr. Hist. v.41, p.95 & KHQ v.13 p.5l5)

Black Jack Station 1860, Kansas Stage Co., 25 m. west of St. Marys at head of Black Jack Creek (2 m. north of St. George, KT). Eldon P.O. 1858-60, Derastus Torrey, postmaster. (Root, p.280)

Bluejacket's Hotel 1850's, Chas. (or George?) Bluejacket, grandson of Shawnee Chief Bluejacket, Prop. At Bluejacket's crossing of Wakarusa River on Oregon & Calif. road. (Barry p.824)

Boyd's Tavern 1867, A. H. Boyd, Prop. on Santa Fe Trail at crossing of Pawnee Fork. (WPA Kansas p.385)

Butterfield H ouse. 307 Osage St., Manhattan, KS. Built by David Butterfield, 2 story native stone structure, demol. c1960. May have served as stage station on Butterfield Overland Despatch. The stone house at 630 Fremont, formerly known as the Wolf-Butterfield House was built in 1868, and is not connected with the B. O. D. (Riley Co. Hist. Soc. 1995)

City Hotel 1860s. White Cloud, Ks; Joseph H. Utt, Prop. (S & V p. 200

Clinton Hotel 1860, Indianola, KT. William Clinton, Prop. Stage station, post office, restaurant & tavern. Demolished c1900. (GTK p.89)

Cody Tavern 1854, Salt Creek valley west of Ft. Leav. on Ft. Leav. & Ft. Riley/Ft. Laramie Military Road. Isaac Cody, Prop. Cody, father of Buffalo Bill" was a free-stater in a pro-slavery millieu. A well and the stone foundation of Cody's cabin remains. (Seneca Courier-Tribune, Dec. 15, 1938 & WPA Kansas p. 494)

Council Grove Stage Station 1849, Waldo Hall & Co., Prop. S.W. corner of Main & Neosho Sts., 1 block west of Neosho River Crossing; log cabin no longer exists. (Simmons, p.83)

Diamond Springs Stage Station 1850; (David) Waldo, (Jacob) Hall & Co., Prop. On Santa Fe Trail; burned by Dick Yeager 1863. (Barry p.949 & GTK p.111-14)

Doniphan House Hotel 1855-67, Doniphan, KT. Barney O'Driscol, Prop. 1855-57; A. Lowe, Prop 1857-67. Re-named Mix House, F.E. Mix, Prop. 1867-69; destroyed by fire. (GTK p.18; Bird p.40)

Doyle's Hotel 1860's, Seneca, KT, John Doyle, Prop. Later known as Haggard House, Bon Air Hotel & Wayside Inn. Doyle's Improvement" is noted on 1857 BLM Plat west side of S. Fork Nemaha River. (Seneca Courier- Tribune, 1938) Newspaper also has photo and line drawing of hotel.

Dyer's Hotel 1855 at Juniata on Ft. Leav. & Ft. Riley Road. Samuel D. Dyer,Prop. (LCD p.24-26)

Eagle House Hotel 1860's at Big Springs on Oregon & Calif. road. Name changed to Ebersole House in 1902. Hotel's stone stable, built 1855 still standing. (Topeka Daily Capitol, Feb. 1, 1959)

Eightmile House c1855, at jct. of Ft. Leav. & Ft. Laramie/Ft. Riley roads; still standing. (USGS Oak Mills Quad.)

Exchange Hotel c1855, Atchison, KT. Log structure, first hotel in Atchison. Later known as National Hotel. ( Root p.410)

Fish's Hotel 1850's, Eudora, KT. Pascal Fish, Prop. At jct. of ferry road and Westport & Lawrence road, near center of S8 T13S R23E. (KHQ V.2 P.276)

Free State Hotel 1855, Lawrence, KT, Shalor Eldridge, Prop. Partly completed stone hotel destroyed by Pro-slavery forces in 1856; rebuilt as the Eldridge Hotel.

Gage? Hotel 1857, Capioma, KT, Walter Gage, Prop. Used as a residence in 1916; ruins still exist? (Tennal, p.54)

Georgetown Stage Station 1857-60, 2 m. south of Ridgeway, Osage Co. Kansas Stage Co., Prop. Lawrence to Emporia route. (KHC v.12 p.479)

Granada Hotel 1859, Pleasant Spring, KT (later known as Granada). N.H. Rising, Prop. 1859-60; David Locknane, Prop. 1860-? May have been a Pony Express Station. (KHQ v.25, p.371)

Great Western Hotel 1857, Elwood, KT. S. Webster, Prop., built by J.E. Dryden. Three stories, 75 rooms; torn down in 1860's when Missouri River undermined the foundation. Abraham Lincoln was a guest in 1859. (S&V p.296; Bird p.43 & Gray I-23)

Guittard Stage Station 1857, Geo. Guittard, Prop. Pony Express Station (Vermillion Station) 1860-61; Overland Stage Div. Hdq., 1862-65. Photo in Root & Connelly's Overland Stage, p.196. There is a family cemetery and Pony Express marker. A barn, said to have housed Pony Express horses,was torn down c1938. The present house was built with materials salvaged from the original building. (KHQ v.25 p.371)

Harris House Hotel 1852,Col. John Harris, Prop., Westport & Penn, Westport, MO. Torn down 1922. (Simmons p. 54)

Halfway House 1856 1 m. s.e. of Reserve, KS. Thomas Hart, Prop. On St. Joseph & Nebraska City Road. Aunt Nkancy" Hart was noted for her hospitality to freighters. (WPA Kansas p. 492)

Havana Stage Station 1858, 4 m. west of Burlingame, Osage Co., on Santa Fe Trail. Ruins still exist. Town settled by French & Germans; store and hotel have disappeared. (KHQ v.12 p.479)

Hays Tavern 1847, 112 N. Main St., Council Grove. Seth Hays, Prop. Still serving meals. (Simmons, p.81)

Hiawatha House Hotel 1872, A. J.Seleg, Prop. Original bldg still used as hotel in 1940s. (Troy, KS "Chief"

Higby House Hotel 1857, Troy, KT. Chas. Higby, Prop. Portion of this building constructed 1856 as Doniphan Co.'s first courthouse; burned 1899. (IDC p.282)

Hubbard Hotel 1857, Highland, KT, E. M. Hubbard, Prop,D, 14 rooms. (Bird p. 37.)

(Old) Huron Stage Station located on Little Grasshopper Creek. P.O.1857-63. Pikes Peak Express 1859-62; Overland Stage Co. 1862-65. (KHQ v.5, p.324; Tennal p.43)

Indianola Hotel 1857, Indianola, KT. K.Q. Cowee, Prop. (GTK p.88)

Johnson's Ranch on Peters Creek, 4.5 m. northwest of Wathena and 2.5 m. east of Troy. Owned by Abraham Johnson in 1868. Pony Express Relay Station 1860-61? (S&V p.134; KHQ v.25, p.370)

Kennekuk Hotel, Kennekuk, KT, 1856. Tom Perry, Prop. Still standing 1922. Guests: Albert Richardson, Henry Villard & Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain). Abraham Lincoln's signature on register is a hoax. (GTK p.32)

Kickapoo or Goteschall Pony Express Station 1860, on Kickapoo Reservation, 12 m. west of Kennekuk on Plum Creek. Frank Root says H. N." Rising was proprietor, but this is perhaps an error. (KHQ v.25, p.371)

Lafayette Hotel 1850's at Lafayette (Landing), KT. Removed to Fanning c1871 when Atchison & Nebraska Railroad was built. Standing 1916. (IDC p.18 & 91)

Lancaster Stage Station: Pikes Peak Express 1859-62; Overland Stage Co. 1862-65. Still standing. An 1860 guidebook by Samuel A. Drake called it Armor's Station. (Root p. 102; Tennal p.43; KHQ v.13 p.508)

Laramie Creek or Frogtown may have been another name for Ash Point. However, it may have applied to an emigrant campsite at the head of Negro Creek 3/4 m. east. This site was identified by Platt & Slater in 1852 as Little Nemaha Creek. Negro Creek is a branch of Clear Creek, known as Little Nemaha in emigrant days. (KHQ v.25 p.371 & Nebr. Hist. v.41, p.96; Root p.102)

Locknane's (Big Muddy) Station 1860; Burton's "Mail No. 4" 25 m. west of Kennekuk at crossing of Locknane's (Muddy) Creek. Labeled "Lock nanes" on J.H. Colton's 1860 map of Kansas & Missouri. David Locknane was an early settler in the area. D. Locknane's cornfield" is noted on BLM surveys nw. of Granada.

Log Chain Tavern 1860, N.H. Rising, Prop. Log cabin, still standing, but covered with modern siding. Pony Express Station 1860-61. Don Rising, son of the proprietor, was a Pony Express rider. Log Chain was also the home of Robert Sewell, alias "Old Bob Ridley", a very popular driver on the Eastern Division of The Overland Stage. (KHQ v.25 p.371 & v.13, p.515)

Lowe's Station 1855, Hickory Point (Hardtville); Kansas Stage Co. 1860. Old Man" Lowe, Prop. Noted for excellent meals. Capt." H. A. Lowe was a pro-slavery advocate & participant in the Battle of Hickory Point in which Col. James A. Harvey's Free State force was victorious. Dunavant P.O. 1888, Geo. N. Elson, p.m.(KHC v.6 p. 106; Root, p.414-15)

Mahaffie House Hotel 1865, Olathe, KS. Beatty? Mahaffie, Prop. Stage station, still standing & operated as museum by the City of Olathe. (Simmons p.60)

Manhattan Hotel 1856, Cincinnati Town Co., Owner. Andrew Mead, 1st Mayor or Manhattan says that one of the ten prefabricated frame houses imported on the Hartford" steamboat was enlarged as a hotel. It burned shortly and a stone hotel was built on the same site. It was for many years....the center of business, social and political life." (KHC v.6, p.470)

Marysville Pony Express Station 1860-61, 108 S. 8th St., Marysville, KS. Still standing and used as a museum. (KHQ v.25, p.371)

Massasoit House c1856, Atchison, KT., NW corner Main & 2nd St., Tom Murphy, Prop. Abraham Lincoln was a guest Dec. 2, 1859 the day of John Brown's execution. ( Root, p.409)

McGee-Harris Stage Station 1854 at One Hundred Ten Creek on Santa Fe Trail. Fry McGee, Prop. Ruins still exist. Harris was McGee's son-in-law. (KHC v.12 p.482)

McClelland Tavern 1860, 1/2 m. west of present Blair, KS. Ephraim D. McClelland, Prop. Still standing 1916; SE 1/4 S13 T3S R21E. (IDC p.259)

Mayflower House 1857, Atchison, K.T., southeast corner Main and 2nd St.

Mickel House Hotel 1856, Waterloo, KT. W.L. Mickel, Prop., on Ft. Leav. & Ft. Sill Military road. Two story frame building, standing 1956. Waterloo P.O. est. 1881-1912, William H. Mickel, postmaster. (KHQ v,23 p.152; KPO p.136 & 202)

Milne House 1854. Indianola, KT, David Milne, Prop. (GTK p.88)

Missouri Hotel 1848 at Kansas, MO, on Water St. William R. McClure, Prop. (Barry p.762)

Mount Pleasant 1855, 15 m. from Ft. Leavenworth near present Potter. COC&PP Express 1859-62; Overland Stage Co. 1862-65. An emigrant campsite called Cold Spring was located in a deep ravine north of the trail (Capt. Marcy)

Noland House Hotel 1840's at Independence, MO. Smallwood "Uncle Wood" Noland, Prop. (Journal of Francis Parkman, p.419 & 614)

Oketo Stage Station 1862, Overland Stage Co. Stone barn and corral east side of Big Blue, 1/2 m. south of Oketo still remains.

Otoe Stage Station 1862, Overland Stage Co. 11 m. west of Oketo on Indian Reserve. (Root p.200)

Pacific City Tavern c1857, Center S24 T3S R13E, Nemaha Co. Orrin Gage, Prop."He dug a fine well on a high hill which was so well patronized by travelers that he became inspired to erect a hotel." Torn down 1902. (KHC v.12 p.485; Local Trad.; Tennal p.53)

Patee House Hotel 1858, St.Joseph, MO. John Patee, Prop. Four story brick building, still standing & used as a museum. Pony Express Hdq. 1860-61.

Pawnee or Rock House Stage Station 1862 Overland Stage Co. 3 m. northeast of present Steele City, Nebr. (Root p.200)

Planter's Hotel c1860, Denver City, KT. Col. James McNassar, Prop. (Root p.232)

Planter's Hotel 1856, Leavenworth, KT. Stage station for COC&PP Express Co., 1859. Abraham Lincoln was a guest, Dec. 3, 1859. (KHQ v.23 p.148)

Planter's Hotel c1859, Atchison, KT, northwest corner of Commercial & Sixth St. ( Root, p. 411 & 424)

Plum Grove Stage Station: P.O. 1862-68, Dandridge Holladay, son of Ben Holladay, postmaster. Overland Stage Co. 1862-65.

Pony Express Stables, 914 Penn, St. Joseph, MO. Built by Ben Holladay 1859. Has been restored as a museum. (The Pony Express, p. 19)

Richland, Nemaha Co., KT 1858. Capt. Randolph Marcy locates it 2 m. east of the S. Fork of Big Nemaha at Seneca. The site was deserted in 1860 according to Burton; the unidentified proprietor may have served meals to stage passengers. Frank Root mistakenly calls this site Lincoln" in Overland to California, p.195.

Rowena Hotel 1856, Lecompton, KT. Temporary quarters for Lane Univ., then converted to dormitories. No longer standing. (KHQ v.10 p.353, & WPA Kansas, p.342) Russell, Majors & Waddell Hdq. 1858, 4th & Delaware St., Leavenworth, KT (Simmons p. 64)

St. Charles Hotel 1857, Doniphan KT; 40 rooms. (GTK p.18)

Santa Fe Hotel c1854, Palmyra, KT (present Baldwin City); burned a few years ago. (Simmons p. 70)

Simmons Point Stage Station on Santa Fe Trail (Sibley Hill). Still standing. (Images of Santa Fe Trail, p.29)

Spaulding House 1857, White Cloud, KT later City Hotel, Enoch Spaulding, Prop. succeeded 1868 by E. D. Hazzard.

Six Mile Tavern 1860, near White Church on Wyandotte & Leavenworth road; still standing. J.A. Bartles, Prop. (KHQ v.15 p.371)

Smith Hotel c1858, Seneca KT; John E. Smith, Prop. 4th & Main, then moved 3 blocks west and used as private residence until demol. Sept., 1972. Pony Express & Overland Stage Station. Pony Express marker at original site. (KHQ v.15 p.371 & v.25 & v.25, p.371)

Syracuse Hotel 1858-62 at Syracuse, Doniphan Co. Walter Peck, Prop. On Hockaday's Stage & Mail route (Pikes Peak Express Co. 1859), called St. Joseph & Denver road by early settlers. (IDC p.154)

Thierer's Tavern 1855, Jacob Thierer, Prop. On Juniata branch of the Ft.Leav. & Ft. Riley Road, about 2 m. north of Manhattan Airport. Ranch still in family in 1972. Stone walled family cemetery near ranch house (KHC v.6 p.469 & Barry p.772)

Tremont House 1860's, Atchison, KT. John Reisner, Prop. (S&V p.81)

Troy Hotel 1858, N.E. corner East Main & Myrtle St., Troy, KT. Built by A.J. Allison who died on way to Colorado gold fields in 1859. Pony Express Station 1860-61; a Pony Express marker is at the site. Leonard Smith, Prop. Full page adv. incl. line drawing of 3-story hotel in Smith, Vaughan & Co. 1868 Doniphan County Kansas History & Directory. (Line cut of hotel was used in two others ads in the History) Pony Express marker at site. (IDC p.271; S&V p.348)

Valley Home 1860 (Burton) Pony Express relay station. Ten m. northeast of Kennekuk near present Purcell; exact location unknown. (KHQ v.13, p.5l4)

Vieux? Hotel 1855, Indianola, KT, Louis Vieux, Prop. Vieux later established a toll bridge and stage station at the Red Vermillion crossing and lived there until his death c1872. (GTK p. 88)

Wayside Inn 1850's, Mount Vernon, Franklin Co., on Ottawa & Ft. Scott, road. (WPA Kansas, p.486)

Williams Hotel 1857, Sabetha, KT, Arthur W. Williams, Prop. Relay station for Overland Stage. Mr. Williams was a captain in the 8th Kansas Vol. Infantry during the Civil War. (Tennal, p. 326-327)

Wilmington House 1859, ______Dow, Prop. On Santa Fe Trail at Wilmington, KT. (KHC v.11 p.598)

Wilson's Tavern 1857 at Rock creek Crossing of Ft. Leav. & Ft. Riley Road at Lousiville, KT. Robert Wilson, Prop. (KHC v.17, p.460)

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