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Alley's Store 1855 at Silver Lake, KT, on Ft. Leavenworth & Ft. Riley Road. Capt. William? Alley, Prop. Silver Lake P.O.1855- 57, William Alley, postmaster. (KHC v.6 p.106; KPO p.228)

Andrew Woods' Trading Post 1820-?, on Missouri River right bank about 1 m. above mouth of Kansas River. (Barry p.99)

Baldwin's Blacksmith 1858, Highland, KT. (Bird p.37)

Ballard's Mills 1850's on Little Blue River at Ballard's Falls, Washington Co. D.E. Ballard, Prop. P.O. 1869-1902, Chalkly Hallowell, 1st postmaster. (KPO p.8 & 236)

Bank's Store 1844, Iowa Point, MO; William Banks, Prop. (Lewin, p.16)

Barrett's Mills 1856, A.G. Barrett, Prop. On Black Vermillion, Marshall Co., P.O. 1857-1940, Enoch M. Pugh, postmaster. This area was settled by a colony from Ohio and was known as the "Ohio Settlements." (KHQ v.17 p.496; KPO p.8 & 204)

Bartlett's Grist Mill 1857-62 at Hooper's Ford on Wolf River south of Highland. (Bird p.38; Gray I-42 & IDC p.142)

Beeler & Williams 1855 at Iowa Point, KT. Boliver Beeler & R. M. Williams, Props. Wholesale & retail. (Bird p.36)

Bennett's Store 1856-58, Abram Bennett, Prop. 1/2 m. west of Bendena on St. Joseph & Pottawatomie road. Mr. Bennett was agent for Kickapoo Indians in 1857. (Gray I-41)

Bernard's Store 1855, Joab M. Bernard, Prop. St. Bernard was a post office 1855-58; name changed to Minneola and cont'd. as post office until 1863. Minneola was Territorial capitol for a short time in 1858. St. Bernard was 1st county seat, and Minneola the 2nd county seat of Franklin County. (KGT p.491)

Blacksnake Hills Trading Post 1826-27. Joseph Robidoux & Baptiste Roy, Prop. At mouth of Roy's Branch in 1826, removed to Blacksnake Creek in 1827. On Missouri River at future St. Joseph. (Barry p.133)

Boone & Hamilton's Store 1847, Council Grove. Albert G. Boone & James C. Hamilton of Weston, MO; Seth Hays was their manager. (Barry p. 671)

Bourassa ("Bursaw") Grist Mill 1850-60, Jude W. Bourassa, Prop. Approx. 4 m. from mouth of Mill Creek, Wabaunsee Co. It was the Pottawatomie National Mill, funded by U.S. Gov't. (KHC v.3 p.623)

Bourbonnais ("Burbony") Saw Mill 1850. Peter Bourbonnais, Prop. On Bourbonnais Creek 2-1/2 m. east of St. Mary's Mission. Mill was powered by horses. (Barry p.963)

Burney's Store 1852 at White Church, William P. Burney, Prop. (Barry p.1076)

Bursk's Blacksmith c1856, Jacob Bursk, Prop. 3/4 m. east of Syracuse, Doniphan Co. (Gray I-42)

Bridger's Store 1860, Westport, MO. James Jim" Bridger, Prop. Building built 1850 by Cyprian Chouteau still stands. (Simmons, p.54)

Central City 1855 on Deer Creek, Nemaha Co., E 1/2 SE 1/4 S31 & SW 1/4 S32 T1S R13E.Est. by Wm. Dodge. P.O. 1858-63, H. H. Lanham, postmaster; store, Benj. Shaffer, Prop., later sold to Lanham & Newton. (Tennal, p.52 & 1887 Atlas of Nemaha County)

Chouteau's Trading Post 1821-26, Francis G. Chouteau, Prop. On left (north) bank of Missouri River at Randolph Bluffs, 3 m. below mouth of Kansas River. (Barry p.102)

Chouteau's Trading Post 1828-4?, Cyprian Chouteau, Prop. South bank of Kansas River, S13 T11S R24E. (Barry p.153-54)

Chouteau's Trading Post 1832- S27 T11S R14E, Dover Twp., Shawnee Co. Frederick Chouteau, Prop. (Barry p.212)

Clayton's Store, 1855, on Wolf River south of present Hiawatha, George Clayton, Prop. Claytonville was the first county seat of Brown County. P.O. 1857-82, Geo. E. Clayton, postmaster. (KPO p.26 & 62)

Clem's Blacksmith 1860-7?. George M. Clem, Prop. NE corner of SE1/4 S26 T4S R19E on St. Joseph & Pottawatomie Road. (Gray I- 42; S&V p.108)

Collins' Store 1856, _______ Collins, Prop. Mt. Vernon, Doniphan Co., on Missouri River. (IDC p.52)

Conn's "Old Pioneer" Store 1858, Council Grove. Malcolm Conn, Prop. Sold to (William F.) Shamleffer & Jones in late 1860s. (KHC v.16, p.562-66)

Curtis & Eley's Trading Post c1820-26, Cyrus Curtis & Michael Eley, Prop. on Missouri River right bank about 1 m. above mouth of Kansas River. (Barry p.100)

Darnell's Blacksmith 1856, William Darnell, Prop. Northeast of Rock Creek crossing of Oregon & Calif. road, Westmoreland. (KHC v.17 p.491-92)

Delaware Grist & Sawmill 1833-4?, S21 T11S R24E on Mill Creek 1- 1/2 m. s.w. of Muncie, KS. William Barnes, miller. First mill in "Kansas". (Barry p.239)

Dickson's Store 1857 at America City on Parallel Road. Samuel Dickson, Prop., who was also president of the Town Company. Dickson was a merchant at Waterville, KS, terminus of the UP Central Branch RR, c1870. America (City) P.O. 1860-1932, Geo. W. Randel, 1st postmaster. (GTK p.34; KPO p.3 & 209)

Drummond Point, 1860 Thomas J. Drummond (?), Prop. 2 m. east of present Hiawatha. Perhaps located at an emigrant campsite at the head of a branch of Wolf River. (Sabetha Herald; Bird p.48)

Dutch Bill's Store 1851 at Bluejacket's Crossing of Wakarusa River. William Greiffenstein, Prop. (Barry p.989)

Ewing-Boone Store 1850, n.w. corner of Westport & Penn, Westport, MO., George & William Ewing, Props. Albert G. Boone purchased the business in 1854; bldg. still exists. (Simmons p.54)

Fairchild's Store 1857 at Indianola, KT. William Fairchild, Prop. (GTK p.88)

Fitzhugh's Mill 1832 on Indian Creek 2-1/2 m. north of Little Santa Fe. George & John Fitzhugh, Props. Known as Watts' Mill 1852 when Anthony Watts became owner. (Overland Journal, v.9 No.4, p.2)

Four Houses Trading Post 1819-28, Francis G. & Cyprian Chouteau, Prop. North bank of Kansas River, at mouth of Cedar Creek 2-1/2 m. east of present De Soto. (Barry p. 88 & 134)

Flickinger's Sawmill 1856 at Geary City, KT. (IDC p.316)

Frick & Grubb's Sawmill 1857-69 at Geary City, KT. (Bird p.41)

Fries' (Frieden's?) Mill 1860's at old Cincinnati just across Nebraska line north of Baker's Ford. Photo in Seneca Courier- Tribune, 1938 Anniv.Ed. An 1867 War Dept. Map of Kansas, Texas & Indian Territory identifies this location as "Pleasant Valley."

Garrett's Store 1854 at Juniata on Ft. Leav. & Ft. Riley Road. Marshall A. "Marsh" Garrett, Prop. Juniata P.O. 1855-56, Seth Childs, postmaster. (LCD p.24-26 & 37)

Gillespie's Blacksmith 1856 at St. George on Ft. Leavenworth & Ft. Riley Road. George W. "Wash" Gillespie (or Gallispie), Prop. (BLM Survey & GTK p.36)

Hamilton's Sawmill 1856, Columbus, Doniphan Co. Chas. Hamilton, Prop. (Bird p.33)

Harding's Trading Post c1852, Wathena, KT, Benj. Harding, Prop. (Bird p.42 & Gray I-22)

Harris' Store 1855 at Indianola, KT; Lewis Harris, Prop. Indianola P.O. 1855-68, Lewis I. Harris, postmaster. (GTK p.88; KPO p.62 & 228)

Hensel's Blacksmith 1857 at Seneca, KT. Levi Hensel, Prop. Hensel was a correspondent for The New York Times. (Seneca Courier-Tribune Anniv. Ed. 1938)

Higinbotham Bros. Store, 1859, Manhattan, KT. John A., Geo. W., Uriale, and William P. settled on the Military Road near Eureka Lake about 3 m. west of Manhattan in l856. Freighted supplies for U.S. Army from Ft. Leavenworth to Ft. Riley 1856-59. Store sold to E.B. Purcell in 1864. The brothers then chartered a bank. (LCD p.60)

Hollenberg Ranch c1857, Gerat Hollenberg, Prop., at Cottonwood Creek crossing of Oregon & Calif. road. Pony Express Station 1860-61, known as "Cottonwood Station." Maintained as a museum by Kansas State Hist. Society. (KHQ v.25 p.370-72)

Howell's Store 186? at Diamond Springs on S.F. Trail. Augustus Howell, Prop., killed in Dick Yeager's raid May 5, 1863. (GTK p.114)

Iowa Indian Gov't Mill c1838-42 on Mill (now Mosquito) Creek. Burned by Indians; located on land pre-empted in 1854 by Daniel Graves and sold to Mt. Vernon Town Co. in 1856. S30 T1S R22E. (Gray II-18; IDC p.81 & 344)

Lappin's Store 1857 at Seneca, KT. Finley Lappin, Prop. (Seneca Courier-Tribune Anniv. Ed. 1938)

Last Chance Store 1857, Council Grove. Seth Hays, Prop. Still standing and used as museum. (Simmons, p.86 & KHC v.16, p.563)

Lyman's Sawmill 1856, Lafayette, Doniphan Co., KT. Operated by D.B. Zimmerman in 1868. (Gray I-65 & Bird p.33)

McCoy's Trading Post 1833, future Westport, MO, John Calvin McCoy, Prop. (Simmons p. 49)

Matthewson's Ranch 1850s, Buffalo Bill" Matthewson, Prop. at Cow Creek Crossing of S.F. Trail. (Simmons p.95)

Nelson & Hardy's Blacksmith 1857 1/2 m. west of present Moray. Osul Nelson and Samuel Hardy, Props. (Gray I-41)

O'Laughlin's Store "Uncle John's Grocery "1858 at Ash Point on Ft. Leav./Ft. Laramie Military Road. John O'Laughlin, Prop. Ash Point P.O. 1858-70, Horace Bemus, 1st postmaster. (KHQ v.25 p.371; KPO p.6 & 209)

Payne & Reed's general store 1856-7? at Lafayette (Landing) on Missouri River north of Troy. J.B. Payne and William J. Reed, Props. (S&V p.253)

Peacock Trading Post at Walnut Creek Crossing of Santa Fe Trail. George H. Peacock, Prop. Later purchased by Chas. Rath? (KHC v.11 p.520)

Pensineau's Trading Post c1845 on Stranger Creek near present Potter. Pascal Pensineau, Prop. (IDC p.109)

Pensineau's Trading Post 1833 on Missouri River opposite Rialto, MO. Laurence Pensineau, Prop. (Barry p.248)

Perry & Young's Store c1850; at Elizabethtown, (Amazonia) MO. Elias H. Perry & _______Young, Props. Mr. Perry conducted an emigrant passenger train to California in 1852 which lost about ten members to cholera. (Barry p.1071)

Reid(er)er's Mill 1866 at Arrington on Grasshopper (Delaware) River. John Reid(er)er, Prop. (KHC v.17 p.865)

Rising & Lyons Store 1859, Sabetha, KT. N. H. Rising & Geo. Lyons, Props. (Tennal)

Rively's Store 1854 at Salt Creek crossing of Ft. Leav./Ft. Riley Road. M. Pierce Rively, Prop. (KHQ v.2 p.18 & Barry p.1226)

Robert Polke & Co. Trading Post 1838-48 at present Lane, Franklin Co. Robert Polke, Prop. (Barry p.341)

Rogers' Blacksmith 1856 at Troy, KT. Nelson Rogers, Prop. (IDC p.317)

Roy's Trading Post c1840, John Baptiste Roy (or LeRoy), Prop. On hillside southeast of junction of Roy's Creek and Big Nemaha River. Roy also maintained a ferry on the Big Nemaha, just across the line in Nebraska. (KHQ v.5 p.379)

Sac & Fox Gov't Mill 1848 at or near Great Nemaha Subagency; horse powered. (Barry p.742)

Santa Fe Trail Blacksmith, Palmyra, KT (present Baldwin City), (Simmons, p, 70)

Sawin's Store c1856, Brown co., KT., P.O. 1857, Marcellus L. Sawin, postmaster. Name changed to Carson and cont'd. as post office until 1898. Carson was the 2nd county seat of Brown County. (KPO p.162-3)

Shaffer's Store 1855, Central City, KT, Benj. Shaffer, Prop. Later sold to H. H. Lanham & J. L. Newton. (Tennal p.52)

Sharp's Trading Post 1850's near future Muscotah on Grasshopper (Delaware) River. Alex. Sharp, Prop. (IDC p.15)

Sloan & Beaubien's Store c1858 at Silver Lake, KT. ______Sloan & Madore R. Beaubien, Prop. Stage station on Pike's Peak Express, 1859. (KHQ v.13 p.222)

Smith's Store & Tavern 1859 at Lost Spring on Santa Fe Trail. George Smith, Prop. (KHC v.14 p.143)

Soden's Mill 1860 at Emporia, K.T., W. T. Soden, Prop. Water powered grist mill; still in use 1938. (WPA Kansas, p. 188)

Stinson's Trading Post 1852, Thomas N. Stinson, Prop. On south bank of Shunganunga Creek, opposite Burnett's Mound. Stinson was a licensed Pottawatomie trader at Uniontown in 1848, and established a ferry at Tecumseh on the Kansas River in 1854. (Barry p.1168)

Terrill's Store 1856, Granada, KT, Manaoh Terrill, Prop. (Tennal p.53)

Thompson's Trading Post c1852 at Elwood, KT. Henry Thompson, Prop. (Gray I-23)

Tootle, Fairleigh & Co. Store 1857, Forest City, MO. (Lewin p.17)

Tremble's Blacksmith c1850-56, Louis Tremble, Prop. At Oregon & Calif. Road crossing of Black Vermillion. (KHC v.17 p.491)

Utt's Trading Post 1852, ______ Utt, (brother of Josephus Utt) Prop., east side of Missouri River opposite present Doniphan, KT. Utt was a licensed Kickapoo trader. (KHQ v.2 p.121)

Vickery's Store 1860's at Syracuse on the St. Joseph & Pottawatomie Road. William Vickery, Prop. (Gray I-64 & II-25)

Voight's Store 1860's, Capt.________Voight was a Confederate veteran; on Horseshoe Creek at emigrant campground on Oregon & Calif. road.

Walrond Stockade 1869 at future Portis on North Fork of Solomon River. Z.T.Walrond & Albert Wells, Props. (Waconda Land, p.33)

Webb & Carter's Store 1855 at Big Springs on Oregon & California Road. (GTK p.84)

Woodward & Marshall's Store 1848, Oketo, KT, on the Otoe Reservation. Albert G. Woodward & Francis J. "Frank" Marshall, Props. (Barry p.1225)

Woodward's Store 1854 at Richmond, Nemaha Co., KT. Albert G. Woodward, Prop. Richmond was the first county seat of Nemaha County. (Seneca Courier-Tribune Anniv. Ed. 1938)

White's Blacksmith 1855 at Iowa Point, KT. John White, prop. William J. Ritenour was his assistant in 1856, and became his brother-in-law in 1857. (Bird p.36 & IDC p.167)

Whitehead 1860 located on a spring branch of Big Grasshopper Creek 6 m. west of Kennekuk. Incorrectly located south of Kennekuk on Colton's 1860 map of Kansas & Missouri. Capt. (James?) Whitehead, formerly of Belmont, d. Sept. 1865 at Kennekuk.

Whitehead's Trading Post 1852 at Belmont, Doniphan Co., KT. James R. Whitehead, Prop. (Bird p.42-3; Gray I-22 & Barry p.1230)

Whitsett & Strieby's "Old Trail" Blacksmith Shop 1860, Council Grove, KT. _______Whitsett & Christopher Strieby, Props. (KHC v.16, p.563)

Wilson's Trading Post 1854, Robert Wilson, Prop. At Salt Creek crossing of Ft. Leav./Ft. Laramie road. (KHC v.12 p.487-90)

Withington's Store 1858 at One Hundred Forty-two Creek crossing of Santa Fe Trail. Charles H. Withington, Prop., was postmaster of Allen P.O. 1855-56, and had been U.S. Gov't. blacksmith in 1847 at the Sac & Fox Agency, present Franklin County. (KHC v.11 p.598; KPO p.201)

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