Basic Greeting Variations and Alternative Responses

I. Introducing Another Person

Introduction plus basic greeting

.wav file of this conversation*

A: Njo, byan shote'. Byenkweshke'w Bob. Joe, come here and meet Bob.
B: Bozho, Bob, nije na gin? Hello, Bob, how are you?
C: Bozho. Iw zhe anwe', Gin je'? Hello. Just fine, and you?
B: Iw zhe anwe' ge' nin. I'm fine, too.

II. Variation on Basic Greeting

Another way to ask "how are you?" is to inquire, nije' e'zhe' madseyen?

.wav file of this conversation*

A: He. Hey. (Calls to get attention).
B: Wa, gin nugne'. Well, so it's you.
A: Nije' e'zhe' madzeyen? How are you?
B: Iw zhe na ayapen, gin je'? Just the same, and you?
A: Nmno bmades. I feel very good.

III. Alternative Responses (to nije na OR nije' e'zhe' madzeyen)

.wav file of this conversation*

1. Iw ayapen, OR Iw zhe'na iw ayapen. Just the same.
2. Com noye'si. I'm not well.
3. Nmno bmades. I feel well; I'm getting along.
4. Com zhe' kwe'c. Not real well.
5. Mzhe'na anwek. Better, I guess.
6. Nye'kwes mazhe' na. I'm really tired.

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