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Updated July 2, 1997

Some hints and helps for using this dictionary (please read on if this is your first visit):

  1. One of the best features of our on-line dictionary is that it is multimedial. At the present time, 391 words are "linked" to sound files, so that you can hear the word pronounced. We will be adding more sound files weekly, until the whole dictionary is "live". The link will download the sound file, open the correct helper application, and play the file. You will perhaps have to do some set-up work for all this to work (depends on your browser capabilities and set preferences).
  2. The dictionary opens in the English-Potawatomi format by default. You can change back and forth between Eng-Pot and Pot-Eng by choosing the appropriate link above in this window.
  3. Let the entire dictionary load before skipping to a section. It's all one document, and it's pretty long (which is good!), so it might take a minute or two. If you find the later letters missing, RELOAD the dictionary by clicking on "English" or "Potawatomi" above.
  4. There are three windows in this framed page. This one is called the Title page; it doesn't change. The one on the right is called the Entries page; it is the actual dictionary, and it changes back and forth between Eng-Pot and Pot-Eng, according to the choice you make on this title page. The window below is called the Details page. It will change the most, the result of links you choose in the Entries page. Here's the important part: you can always go back in the Details page if you need to by clicking and holding somewhere on the window. This causes a menu of choices to pop up. Release on "Back in frame" and the previous screen will appear. Experiment to become familiar with this feature, which works on any framed page.
  5. The Details window below opens by default with information about pronouncing our symbols and information about the sources we used in compiling this word list. You can always get that information back by clicking here.

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