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May 28, 1995 through March 1996

  1. Lynn H. Nelson at : There's a Santa Fe Commission Report in the Kansas Collection library that has an original survey _and_ three big maps of the trial through Kansas.
  2. Steve at CHINN@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu: I guess the moon company changed their URL. Here's the new one. Also, the Kansas Collection is up (started), and I found some Santa Fe Trail info and maps there. Seems like someone was just asking about sft maps... Steve
  3. Daniel R. Kalal, at dankalal@southwind.net: Thanks for providing the info on the Heritage Server. Are there any pages that cover maps and further information on either the Sante Fe or Oregon Trails?
  4. Bob Jones, at mljones@iguana.ruralnet.net: Thanks for the Santa Fe Trail Homepage. However it kinda quit at the Colorado line. Couldn't you get out of Kansas? Bob Jones (6/23/95) (NOTE: You're right. So far we have some pictures of Colorado and New Mexico sites, but there's plenty of room for more information. Any volunteers???) July 29: see Bob's info on Bent's Old Fort
  5. Bob Jones, at mljones@iguana.ruralnet.net: Yes, I have traveled the whole trail. That's about all I have done for the last 4 or 5 years. I can probably answer any questions you might have about the SFT, especially in Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico. I volunteer at BEOL (National Parkese for Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site and a lot shorter to type). We just got a computer a couple of months ago and got on line a few weeks ago so I am not too whippy in that area. Bob Jones
  6. honeym@mr.net, Margaret Moga: As a member of the Santa Fe Trail Association and a person who has driven through Kansas following the trail I want to thank you for these pages. My daughter, who is both a birder and a prairie lover, fell in love would this wonderful state - especially the Flint Hills! I only wish there was even more information. I have two suggestions - !) GRAPHICS! These pages need more pictures. 2) Have you contacted anyone with the SFTA? They have a simply marvelous newsletter called "Wagon Track" that really should be downloaded on to the WEB. If you contacted the Editor - Leo E. Oliva - PO Box 31 - Woodston, KS 67675 (913) 994-6253 maybe he would be interested. If the newsletter in done on a computer, then it could be put on a disc and in some way linked to these pages. Forgive me for this perhaps silly suggestion. Although I love the Internet, I am no computer expert. Maybe what I suggest can't be done. Anyway, it's something I've wanted to do for a long time. If you do contact Mr. Oliva, tell him this suggestion came from me. THANKS again for these pages. P.S. Being bird lovers, I do read the Prairie Falcon pages on the Net, too - other great pages! Margaret Sullivan Moga (My nickname is Honey)
  7. CHINN@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu, Steve Chinn: I found another URL you might add... The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad
  8. I am looking for information on Camp Nichols near Kenton, Oklahoma. cucharaks@aol.com 95/12/15
  9. There were three landmarks called "Point of Rocks" on the SFT. Where were they? Do they still exist today? Thoroughly enjoy this homepage. 96/01/13
  10. I am interested in information relevant to walking the Santa Fe Trail. Thanks, rwark@nwu.edu 96/01/18 from
  11. A group of Olathe, Kansas, teachers are planning a 175th anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail celebration. I have been asked to compile a list of resources for secondary students, 7-12. Does anyone know about any good materials? Please e-mail me at bridson4@aol.com. Thanks Susie Bridson 96/02/09
  12. What does "Riding Dry" on the Santa Fe Trail Cattle Drives mean? jholmes@lymph.niar.twsu.edu 96/02/11
  13. Really Great Pages! We atVirginia Dale Colorado are just starting to put together some pages on the Overland Trail as it passed through Colorado. It was established in 1862 by Ben Holladay who bought the old COC&PP Lines that at one time went through Kansas. Any information about the Overland Trail will be greatly appeciated. Elizabeth, at lizabeth@frii.com (updated 1/31/99) 96/02/13
  14. My favorite stop on the Santa Fe Trail is Council Grove, where my parents live. I am hoping to introduce them to the usefullness of e-mail and would like to contact the Council Grove librarian via e-mail. Can anyone give me the library e-mail address? Sincerely, Jay Klee jklee@bgsm.edu. 96/02/23
  15. I have just drove the SFT from west to east and found it fascinating. I am currently putting together a book about Minnesotas old trails and stage stations c. 1850-1860 and have been researching this for many years and am seeking any research tips on locating road history and location. Does anyone have any information they can share? I have depleted my Minnesota resources and am still looking for more if I can find any. no email address 96/02/25
  16. this concerns the events surrounding flower pot mound in barber county. any information would be appreciated. 96/03/04
  17. Greetings from Anne Carter in Independence, Missouri. Our local Santa Fe Trail Chapter is planning a SFT trek on April 20th. Led by Pauline and Eric Fowler, we will follow the Becknell route from Lexington, MO to Independence, Mo. The tour will take all day. You can reach me at acarter@ccmail.raytown.k12.mo.us. 96/03/13
  18. Thanks for including Colorado in your Santa Fe Trail page. The only event I know of at BEOL concerning the 175th anniversary of the SFT is on July 27, 1996 and is a part of an auto tour that starts on July 25, 1996 at Lamar, Colorado and continues down the Trail into New Mexico. The official schedule at BEOL is: July 4, 1996 - Independence Day. August 3, 1996 - Kid's Quarters. August 25, 1996 - Founders Day. December 13-14, 1996 = Christmas Celebration. Bob, Bent's Old Fort, mljones@iguana.ruralnet.net
  19. From DOUG_H@TSJC.Colorado.EDU: Here are some other links you might want to consider: Bent's Fort on the Lajunta Co. home page, National Park Service Sites: Fort Larned, Bent's Fort, Fort Union, Pecos. Also, FYI, The First National Bank in Trinidad is producing a commemorative 175th SFT calander. I am doing 13 original watercolor painting to illustrate it. Harry Myers, Superintendant at Fort Union will write text.
  20. The March/April issue of the AAA magazine "Hone & Away" has an article on 175th Anniversary Celebrations in Kansas towns on the Santa Fe Trail. It also has a article on Frontier Forts. John R. Howell, jrh2261@rsf000.ks.boeing.com
  21. The Kansas Heritage Magazine came and there is a place on the Santa Fe Trail map that has aroused my curiosity, it is a place called Chouteau's Island. Does anyone know anything about this place or who this was named after? have a Kansas relative who had a son named Chouteau and now I am wondering what this name is all about. I had figured it was French since this relative married into a French family. Thanks, hope someone knows.. Barbara Rentenbach, nlyon@aol.com
  22. KANSAS! Magazine has a good feature on the Santa Fe Trail in the April issue. Bob McArthur, anpw88a@prodigy.com, Arlington, Va. 96/03/27
  23. The latest issue (May/June 1996) of the "Home & Away" magazine (the one that AAA publishes) has an article about the Santa Fe Trail entitled "Western Trail Mix" on pages 22-24. Much of the article is about Kansas. brian.jarvis@trw.com Brian Jarvis in Dayton, Ohio From "Brian Jarvis", Brian_Jarvis@smtp.rc.trw.com>