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Bed and Breakfasts in Missouri and Santa Fe, NM
MO motels: Franklin - Boonville (B&B) - Arrow Rock (B&B) - Lexington - Sibley - Independence - Kansas City
KS motels: Overland Park - Gardner - Baldwin City - Burlingame - Council Grove - Herrington - McPherson - Great Bend - Larned - Dodge City - Cimarron - Garden City or Liberal
CO motels: Lamar - La Junta - Trinidad OK motels: Guymon
NM motels: Raton - Cimarron - Springer - Las Vegas - Santa Fe and more Santa Fe NM hotels and motels
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MO family, history, travel
MO and SFT eCards

* The National Road US Route 40 and the Lewis and Clark Trail follow parts of the old Santa Fe Trail in MO.
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* Kansas City with some things to do

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KS family, history, and travel
KS and SFT eCards
* From the east, US Route 50 joins and follows the old Santa Fe Trail just south of Kansas City. map (Jensen)

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* Kansas City area
(look for Overland Park)
* Western Kansas: Dodge City
1999 Pictures of the wagon train on the trail in Kansas, Don Shorock
Santa Fe Trail through Kansas: Brief Summary by County
Two options: turn south on the "dry" Cimarron Cutoff or west on "wet" the Mountain Branch
Cimarron Cutoff
In Kansas:
OK family, history, travel

New Mexico: NM family, history, travel
MO and SFT eCards
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The trails rejoin at Springer, New Mexico

Mountain Branch
In Kansas: Colorado:
CO family, history, travel
* From the east, US Route 50 continues following the old Santa Fe Trail, Wet Route, from Kansas. map
Just into New MexicoThe trails rejoin at Springer, New Mexico
New Mexico
And the end of the trail (drum roll...)
Santa Fe, NM and The Plaza
* Spend some time in Santa Fe, NM - MOTELS
* Away to Santa Fe * Santa Fe Government
* Chamber of Commerce * Tourism in Santa Fe
* The Santa Fe New Mexican - local news

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