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MO CyberTrail SFT starts at New Franklin, MO
Independence, MO

KS CyberTrail SFT starts with local rivers
Olathe, KS: Bullwhacker Days at Mahaffie Farmstead
Gardner, KS
Edgerton, KS: Lanesfield School (photo)
Black Jack, KS: The Narrows
Baldwin City, KS
Burlingame, KS
Council Grove, KS
McPherson, KS: statue, Gen. McPherson (photo)
Dodge City, KS
Cimarron Cutoff CyberTrail SFT wet route

OK CyberTrail SFT dry route

CO CyberTrail SFT mountain route

New Mexico
NM CyberTrail SFT nears Santa Fe
Wagon Mound, NM photo
Ft. Union, NM - pictures and history new pictures: 2003
Santa Fe, NM: The Plaza (photo)
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Kansas Heritage

The Plaza,
Santa Fe, NM

Along highway 56, Kansas

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