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[language: bozho nikan! 
Ahaw nciwe'nmoyan ewabmInan.  Iwgwien e'byayen ms'ote'.]

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Greetings, friend!
I am glad to see you.
Thank you for your visit here.


Here, as promised, are the Potawatomi Basic Greeting Variations and Alternative Responses. - sm

bye'bidge'n! - Potawatomi Welcome

Our website reflects our desire to strengthen and revitalize the use of the Prairie Band Potawatomi language, as well as to share documents and resources on Potawatomi history and culture. We gear our site to members of our tribe, but you are welcome, whatever your heritage, as long as you are respectful of our language and traditions.

Our website is divided into five sections:

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The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation official website. It has information on our Potawatomi Tribe and reservation; on the tribal council and tribal programs, including phone numbers; on the history of the tribe and some of our stories; and about the casino on the reservation. The brochure that is given to visitors at the reservation is also on line.

We hope you find these materials useful and enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed making them available to you. If you do, please come back from time to time!

Pama mine' ngoduk! (See you later sometime!)

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