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Stops and sights along the trail
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Santa Fe Trail
National Scenic Byway:
: The Mountain Route
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McGee's Tavern
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History of the
Santa Fe Trail

when? where? who? how? why?
Exploring the Trail Today:
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Traveling With A Purpose:
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Along the Trail
Bed and Breakfasts
Missouri and Santa Fe, NM

Motel reservations:

MO: Franklin - Boonville (B&B) - Arrow Rock (B&B) - Lexington - Sibley - Independence - Kansas City
KS: Overland Park - Gardner - Baldwin City - Burlingame - Council Grove - Herrington - McPherson - Great Bend - Larned - Dodge City - Cimarron - Garden City or Liberal
CO: Lamar - La Junta - Trinidad
OK: Guymon
NM: Raton - Cimarron - Springer - Las Vegas - Santa Fe and more Santa Fe NM hotels and motels

Santa Fe Trail
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Events coming up...
Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race, Sept 2007
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* Colorado along the Mountain Branch
* New Mexico: Raton

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F. Eugene Barber:
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Santa Fe Trail

On-Line Research:

* Santa Fe Trail * Old West
* Western Expansion
* New Mexico History
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Questia Research Library

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SF Trail Who's Who
* New Mexico Genealogy, History, Travel
* Hispanic American Genealogy, History, Travel
* William Becknell
: his story and Santa Fe Trail history. Gary Becknell, of Richmond, IN, is a decendent of Captain William Becknell. His father's name was William Hollis Becknell. (12/2001)
* The Life of Josiah Gregg, author of "Commerce of the Prairies" (1844)
* The Kaw and Seth Hays, et al, in Council Grove, KS
* Frank Kermott remembers Santa Fe Trail travel, early 1860s
* Joanne VanCoevern helped organize and served as first president of the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter of the SFTA.
* Military Expedition to New Mexico: diary of William Anderson Thornton
* Dick Williams, wagon master
* Women retracing the Santa Fe Trail
* Santa Fe, 42explore * Like a ribbon across the prairie
* People still talking about the SFT: "Who Are We" discussion thread
* Biographies & Trail Genealogy
Rivers & the Trail
* Missouri River Heritage Corridor
* Kansas (Kaw) River
* Missouri River
* Bend of the River at Kansas City: 1682-1840

New Mexico Scenic Byways:
Santa Fe Trail with map

Conestoga wagons were used on the Oregon Trail where families were traveling west. The Santa Fe Trail travelers were mostly business men, moving goods for sale or trade between Missouri (USA) and New Mexico (Mexico and USA).

American Old West, Wikipedia
American Expansion, WWW-VL
Boones Lick Trail
Old West Kansas, Kansas Heritage

Pictures & history of
Fort Union

Febiger, 1880s
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* Developing the NM SFT National Scenic Byway
* American Indians and the SFT
* School Volunteers

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ATSF History and Timeline
The Atchison, Topeka, and
Santa Fe Railroad
Santa Fe Trail Books

* Gen-Books eGroup
* Book searches
* Kansas Bookstore

* Blizzards at Fort Dodge, KS
* Prairie Fires on the Santa Fe Trail
* Pioneering the Midwest, stories of Robert P. Fann
include scouting along the Santa Fe Trail
* An Administrative History of Fort Union National Monument, L. Zhu (pictures)
* A History of Fort Union, NM, Sperry and Myers
* Brief Summary of the Santa Fe Trail Through Kansas, 1911-12
* A Campaign in New Mexico with Col. Doniphan, Edwards, 1984
* Downey and Beyond, Wakley
* History of the State of Kansas, Cutler
* On-Line Maps of the Santa Fe Trail
* Reriding History: Horseback over the Santa Fe Trail, Frank (excerp)
* The SFT Through Comancheria, 1821-50, Kavanaugh; more on the Comanche

On-line Book Libraries
Questia Library including NM History
Kansas Collection

* A Basic SFT Reading List, Harry C. Myers
* SFT info, Bob Jones
* Basic Reading List, Trail Center
* Older SFT Book reviews and list

* Last Chance Book Store
* A Kansas On-Line Bookstore
* Kansas Heritage Center, Dodge City

Other Trails,
Other Stories
* American Discovery Trail
* American Hiking Society
* Lewis and Clark 2003
bicentennial travel
* National Scenic Byways, by state
* Overland Trail with monthly spot light sites
* Trail Finder:
other trails in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico
* More On-line Resources:
newsgroups, email lists, magazines, maps, pictures
Places to stay
Things to see
* Jefferson City
* Kansas City

* Dodge City
* Overland Park

* Guymon

* Las Animas

New Mexico:
* Las Vegas
* Santa Fe

Continuing the adventure:

Family History
online research
American West,
WWW Virtual Library, US History
CyberTrail (SFT)
vicarious travel
Making of America
Santa Fe Trail

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USGS Aerial Photographs (Mix)

Rockhill Press

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